X Financial Solutions Updates its Open API Apps Store: xStore

The company offers brokers and developers the ability to fully customize solutions to cater to their requirements. The move creates

openThe open platform concept is getting all the attention in the FX markets as X Financial Solutions announces that it has updated its xStore an open API applications market place. Third party developers and plugin providers faced challenges when developing solutions for trading platforms, the evolutionary change to open source shows how trading terminals are developing with the enhancements of new technologies.

X Financial Solutions offers X3 Open Hub an open trading concept. The hub allows brokers to really stand out in an already congested market place by creating their own proprietary front ends, mobile applications or dedicated apps for their clients. The open hub also allows brokers to create their own niche for example brokers who are keen to target a certain client segments such as algorithmic traders can focus on developing the tools and resources for this segment. The hub takes advantage of cloud technology thus reducing the exorbitant cost of local servers and the administrative fees that it takes to maintain them.

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“The future of forex trading is to provide open platforms with minimal restrictions on what can be developed to enhance the user experience,” stated Juan Jutgla, Director of Institutional Business at X Financial Solutions, in a statement issued by the company. “Forex brokers and banks using the X3 Open Hub technology will benefit from an open environment and unlimited possibilities to customize their trading technology and differentiate themselves from competitors”, he added.

The new updates have a wide range of functionality and features including:

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  • SMS trade alerts: where traders can receive text messages about important market movements such as triggered stop losses and instruments reaching a certain price,
  • Multi Account Manager (MAM): allows Money Managers to send multiple market orders, TP&SL simultaneously for multiple accounts,
  • xDivergence: takes advantage of markets’ divergence movements and allows users to apply this to their own investment strategies,
  • Quick trader calculator: calculates pips, lots, stop losses and take profit in money value,
  • xCandles: recognises technical analysis formation patterns,
  • Traders’ Compass™: a novel real-time trader guidance software, geared at increasing the trader’s life-cycle value by monitoring and analysing the users trading activity in real time. 

    Jakub Zablocki the CEO and co-founder of XTB

The future of platform development is changing to be more accommodative of skills and expertise not readily available. The Open API structure of xStore allows anyone to develop and market expert advisors (EAs), technical analysis tools and any feature that can enhance the X3 trading environment. In addition the site has a forum where developers and traders can share new app ideas and strategies that might not already exist. Users can now also post jobs and find the right coder by searching through an existing ‘Developers List’.

Open API with the use of any programming language and .NET, Java and Python wrappers opens it up to enable all developers to create new applications for X3 Open Hub. xStore is also multi-platform, supporting all technologies from web, desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile (android, iOS, Windows Phone) and all other major technologies available.

The FX broke space is undergoing several changes due to the every evolving business environment, cost of doing business, decreasing margins and a mature and stagnant client base means that brokers will find it hard to survive. A new trend appearing in the market is for small niche players to operate who deal with their specific client base. With the growth and development of the internet more and more smaller players such as introducing brokers and affiliates are opting for the off the shelf start your own brokerage firms like X Financial Solutions offer.

Jakub Zablocki the CEO and co-founder of XTB, told Forex Magnates in an interview, “we believe that only a comprehensive, fully open and customizable trading solution has the chance to succeed in today’s environment. Our clients will have total independence of connecting to any liquidity provider they choose and are also able to create proprietary front ends”.xfs - original white.jpg

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