The Three Best Ways to Promote your Content

How do you get your content read by your audience?

This article was written by Yael Warman, Content Manager at Leverate.

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of content marketing as part of your marketing strategy and about how providing your audience with valuable content can build loyalty for your brand, so, you’ve been writing awesome blog posts and putting them on your website’s blog.

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That’s great, except that your blog has three visitors a month (you being one of them and your mom being another). All that effort of researching the right idea, thinking of a clever angle, putting ink to paper, only to have those words go into a void.

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Generating the right content isn’t an easy task. Studies show that sales reps and marketers spend anywhere between 1 and 2 days per week researching ideas to generate content. That’s a lot of time invested for your content not to be read.

How then, do you get your content read by your audience?

Find the right channels

When selecting where to publish your content, one size does not fit all. Analyze who your audience is and where online can you find them. Use a mix of blogs, newsletters, direct e-mail marketing, social media and third party publications.

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59% of B2B marketers consider blogs the most valuable channel for distribution of content, reported a study by Demand Metric. The same study reported that companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month that those without.

Social media also plays an important role in content distribution, since 23% of users’ time online is spent on social media sites and blogs. 87% of marketers distribute their content through social media and use an average of 5 different social media sites to do so.

Get influencers to influence

An influencer is someone who produces content in the same industry as you do, who has a significant following. Find the influencers in your industry and begin by building a relationship. Ask yourself ‘what’s in it for them?’ Why would they promote your content?

Begin your relationship building by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. Subscribe to their blogs and newsletters so you can become familiar with the type of content that interests them. Share some of their content (ask for permission first) on your channels.

Once there is some mutual recognition, reach out to them and offer to write a relevant piece on their blog.

Get it shared

Have you ever shared an article before you finished reading it? Perhaps you’ve shared something based solely on the headline? Research shows that there is no correlation between content that has been read and content that has been shared on social media.

Getting your content shared is one of the best ways in which to distribute it. One of the most important things you need is a catchy and interesting headline, followed by a meaningful sub headline.

Come to terms with the fact that people are not reading your entire piece, so make it easily scannable, with highlighted keywords, bullet points, short paragraph and use images that highlight your content.

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