TradeSmarter Announces New Trading Tool for Hedging

TradeSmarter make good on its promise to help traders use binary options as an investment. The binary options platform provider

tradesmarter logoTradeSmarter has made a step towards a more investment-centered approach to binary options, rather than placing it in the categories of the gaming and gambling industries.

In line with the introduction of technical charts earlier this year, TradeSmarter will try to bring forex and binary options trading even closer by providing binary options traders with the same capabilities as their forex counterparts.

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And in this spirit, the binary options platform provider has just released a hedging tool that can be used much like the “close before expiry” or “double your investment” tools.

Hedging is a type of trading strategy that involves taking positions in both possible trade directions by buying calls and puts at the same time. In this way, using the “close before expiry” feature the trader can subsequently close one or both of his/her positions in profit provided when the price moves in the given directions before the expiration time.

While hedging was possible before the introduction of this new feature, a trader would take more time to open a trade and there was no guarantee of getting the same price on clicking twice to open the trades. With the new addition, those customers who love to hedge their risks and are good at picking appropriate exit points can engage in an easier way of trading them.

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