OTA Files Patent Application to Cover Proprietary Trading Methodology

International forex training company Online Trading Academy (OTA) has applied to the patent office with the intention of covering their

International forex training company Online Trading Academy (OTA) has applied to the patent office with the intention of covering their proprietary trading methodology as a result of what OTA believes to be a unique understanding of how supply and demand affects the financial markets.

The filing permits Online Trading Academy to reference its intellectual property with a designation of patent-pending in its trading and investing products, marketing and informational materials. The company plans to vigorously pursue efforts to distinguish its market timing supply and demand strategy from other trading tools and systems in use today. A bold move insofar as setting a legal precedent by which it is accepted that strategies provided by forex training organizations can be considered the intellectual property of these companies will be quite an achievement.

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“Many traders and investors buy and sell based on conventional technical analysis,” explained Sam Seiden, Vice President of Education, “but that is a very flawed and high risk methodology. Others trade on fundamentals, which means favorable information is already reflected in the price. By the time the news is good, the price is high. Both these popular methods are flawed and lead to high risk and low reward trading and investing.”

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“Our patent-pending supply and demand trading strategy is the first to help traders and investors identify market turning points in advance and enter market moves before they happen which is the key to low risk, high reward, and high probability trading and investing.”

Another unique feature of the supply and demand trading strategy, according to Seiden, is the fact it can be applied to any asset class (stocks, futures, forex, options) and, can be applied to short term trading for income or longer term investing for wealth generation.

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Educational products and services proliferate the forex world, some are independent online methods, some are academies and others are additional materials offered by brokers. OTA’s manifest is that it is an international organization with franchises in various locations including 26 locations in North America, one in Dubai, another in Great Britain, and two in Asia located in Singapore and Indonesia. With this coverage, OTA has provided forex training to 35,000 delegates.

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