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Finance Magnates is proud to announce its latest Quarterly Industry Report (QIR) is now being shipped out to all subscribers around the world. The Q3 2015 QIR contains everything you need to know to be fully up-to-date on trends and novelties in the multi-asset trading industry.

The report incorporates unique data on trading volumes, news of the most important quarterly stories in each industry, in-depth insights, regional information, regulations updates and much more.

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Featured stories

The flagship article of the report is about women in the trading industry. Our researchers set out to check the status of gender equality in the world of trading and caught up with some leading female brokers. Finally, we tried to answer the ongoing question: what are the advantages of female brokers over their male colleagues?

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In August the Eurozone saved itself from an unknown and risky future and saved its member state – Greece – from a complete collapse, thereby preventing the much-discussed Grexit. We summarised the most dramatic moments of this Greek saga and examined the influence of those events on the trade industry within Greece and in the Eurozone in total.

Conventionally, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin rely on blockchain’s continuous chain of transaction blocks to free them from the centralization of traditional finance. Consequently, many – even Nasdaq – have begun to examine their use of the blockchain. Finance Magnates sets out to examine what is evolving into a key financial technology.

Thanks in part to government economic stimulus and adjustment measures, China’s economy nearly achieved the official target of 7.5 percent in 2014. FDI also set a record. So what caused the jitters and crash in August? Armed with corresponding reasoning and charts, we analyze the Middle Kingdom’s crisis in comparison to similar events in capitalist societies.

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