Leverate Develops Enhanced Features for its Sirix Trader

Leverate continues to make a push in the Web Trading sector as it has announced new plug-ins for its Sirix

Leverate continues to make a push in the Web Trading sector as it has announced new plug-ins for its Sirix Web Trading platform. The plug-ins offer enhanced features for brokers such as a “Demo to Real” call to action notification which can be customized to appear after a trader closes winning trades. Also, the new features offer the ability to send automatic messages when margin levels drop. Overall, Leverate believes that by offering the new features, brokers will be able to better customize the Web Trader, which will lead to greater conversions and trading.

The recent news comes after Forex Magnates reported in May that Leverate launched its Social Trading platform within the Sirix Web Trader. Although Sirix Trader functions as a web-based interface for the MT4 environment, Leverate is clearly trying to upgrade its platform to the point where it can become the main originator of trades from clients.

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Leverate Releases Powerful Plugins for the Sirix Web Trading Environment
Brokers have the freedom to customise their trading environments and stay above the competition.
Leverate today released powerful new plugins that give brokers the freedom to customise their Sirix Web trading
environment. These plugins empower brokers to enhance the trading experience, boost conversions, increase trader value
and stay competitive. Brokers may devise custom plugins to execute effective marketing strategies, increase userfriendliness
and aid the trader in making trading decisions. The look and feel of the plugins is fully customisable and the language appearing in the plugin can automatically reflect the language preference of the trader.
“This is an extremely powerful tool for brokers,” notes Itay Damti, VP Products at Leverate. “For example, we provide a sample plugin that sends a message to a user in demo mode after he has closed his first two successful trades, a pivotal moment, to alert him of his success and give him the option to deposit funds and trade with real money. This is an effective conversion tool that allows brokers to funnel user behaviour in the interface.”

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Brokers are encouraged to take advantage of the game-changing Sirix plugin capabilities, as most trading platforms hardly
expose any of the application programming interfaces (API). Leverate is providing three initial demo plugins that brokers can
freely implement in their Sirix Web environment:
 A Margin Level Alert plugin that notifies the user when his margin level is at 30% or below
 A Demo-to-Real Conversion plugin that notifies the user when he has closed two successful trades in demo
 A Deposit Pop-up plugin that acts as a pop-up window to deposit money within Sirix without having to leave
the trading environment.

More information and documentation may be found at: http://developers.sirixtrader.com/plugins.
Sirix is an integral component of LXSuite, Leverate’s complete package of private label brokerage solutions and is fully
integrated with MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Sirix trading environments are fully branded with a broker’s colours and logo and
feature multi-language support, one unified log-in and a shared wallet on all devices. Sirix Web requires no download or
installation of software to execute trades and Sirix Mobile is available for both iPhone and Android.

About Leverate
Leverate is the vanguard of broker solutions technology and services empowering Forex brokers and financial institutions
with the tools to increase conversion, minimise risk and reach new markets. Leverate’s cutting-edge solutions, powered by
breakthrough technology, provide market players a comprehensive suite of products to operate the most successful and competitive brokerages in the Forex industry.

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