Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technology for Social Responsibility

It is our responsibility to build a legacy of lasting value for each of us and for the world.

This article was written by Marcello de Mello, partner at Nobiletec.

Technologies such as mobile internet, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, advanced genomics, advanced robotics, alternative energy systems, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, are the center of innovation nowadays.

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Companies around the world are adopting and experimenting with all these technologies, which have the potential to change billions of lives.

The big challenge though is to find ways to design models that drive disruptive technologies not only for commercial reasons, but also to have a generous social impact.

  • It is not difficult to find markets looking for solutions to their problems, and as companies are trying to expand through new segments, solving fundamental social needs leads to profitable commercial opportunities, thanks to technology.
  • It is a fact that companies that incorporate social impact-driven innovative methods into their business strategies are acknowledged, bringing with it sustainable growth.
  • Millennials, in general, are not comfortable working for companies that are not socially responsible. Thus, in an effort to attract and retain these new talents, companies are adopting a socially-responsible mindset. And with this, they are able to build different products, explore new markets and secure a sustainable growth.
  • With all these new technologies and innovation, much of what we know today might have its value transformed.


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A combination of disruptive technology and social impact is already in place!

The combination of those four factors has created a fertile soil to grow tech and social responsibility together.

  • Tech/Innovation – disruptive technology as never seen before.  
  • Business – Social impact-driven innovative methods: profitable.  
  • Growth – Markets urging to solution to their problems: starvation, poor water quality, lack of sanitation, diseases, illiteracy, out of control inflation, poverty.
  • Cultural – Young generations willing to work for companies that are socially responsible and in favour of social causes.

It is our responsibility to take advantage of this unique momentum to combine the two strongest forces in modern history: technology/techniques (methods and processes) and humanitarianism (permeating all human beings).

It is a unique opportunity for all of us to build a legacy of lasting value for each of us and for the world.


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