What Is Native Advertising and as a Broker, How Do I Use It?

At its core, native advertising is the promotion of your content on external sites using ad units that look like

A lot of brokers put out market commentary to get in front of new audiences rather than just use it for their clients. It makes sense; good content lets prospective customers see the broker as a trusted expert in the market and when it comes time to look for a (new) broker, why not work with someone you trust. There is a lot of content out there though and it can be difficult to cut through the noise and reach your audience. Native advertising is a way to do that at minimal cost.

At its core, native advertising is simply the promotion of your content on external sites using ad units that look like they are part of the site. Say you have an article about the Fed rate decision, you place an ad on CNBC.com below an article with relevant content and anyone that clicks on this ad goes to your site to read your article. You pay for every person that clicks on your ad, usually a very small amount. Targeting your ad is easy, you can pick subject matter, geography (say you only want readers from UK), timing and much more.

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Once this audience comes to your site, you can then advertise along your own article or even just place a call to action or signup form to capture their details. What’s more, you can pixel them to retarget this audience across the internet using RTB advertising. All in all native advertising is something that brokers who put out market commentary should consider, even for acquisition purposes. An example with some more details below.


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