Why A CEO’s Personality Is Deeply Rooted In A Company Brand

CEO positions are connected in many different ways with the organization’s brand.

CEO positions are connected in many different ways with the organization’s brand. For example, in our industry, FXCM their CEO Drew are a strong liaison between the brand itself and his own executive position. We stand apart (along with big-name companies such as Apple and Microsoft) as a positive example of how this connection can improve both the performance of the brand and executive positions within our company – an advantage that many other companies do not have.

This, however, does not mean that these other companies are less successful. It is simply because that, in such companies, the CEO has a lower impact on the brand than a more famous and CEO-oriented company. Let us examine the reasons for this.

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Let`s look deeper in Jung`s Psychology

One needs to carefully and thoughtfully examine Carl Jung’s archetypes. To clarify, according to the traditional Jungian approach to psychology, some highly developed elements of the collective unconscious are called “archetypes.” These archetypes are what modern marketers are using for brand-building and to understand basic principles. Let us now connect this idea with our main topic.

You Are The Archetype That Creates Your Brand

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It is simple – you, as the CEO, are building a company based on your values, ideas and ultimate vision. When you are hiring people to build the foundation of your company, you are hiring people with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you share values. When you begin to grow your business, you are creating an environment composed of rules, restrictions and positive inter-company communication based on your own personality and your archetype.

Ideally, you are for example, attracting to your business a marketing specialist, not hired by you but by your HR manager, a long-time and trusted employee who understands and respects company values, culture and archetypes. It is essential that this new marketing specialist quickly understands and adapts to these same company values and can easily and unconsciously build the brand and interest the target audience. To better understand this archetype, the book “Hero and Outlaw” by Margaret Mark is a helpful tool.

Always Know The Important Links In The Chain

You may not have previously realized that this “unconscious archetype” exists in every company. However, truly successful companies know about these principles and have used them to create popular, top-selling brands. It is necessary to understand that it does not matter which archetype your company is; it only matters that the CEO, company culture, marketing department and brand work in harmony with this specific archetype.

To summarize – it does not really matter if the company CEO is a famous name or a celebrity. Every CEO is deeply rooted in the company brand, thanks to his or her personality, and it is the CEO’s job to use his or her dynamic personality to create the most effective marketing strategy.

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