Samsung Fills Store with More Blockchain Apps, Now Supports TRON

Samsung also gives DApps developers access to the Blockchain Keystore SDK, allowing them to build applications running on TRON.

Advocates of Tron blockchain were pleased to notice that Samsung has added TRX support to its Blockchain Keystore. The news comes ahead of Justin Sun’s participation in the Samsung Developer Conference later this week.

All users of the South Korean multinational conglomerate’s Keystore, a critical part of Samsung’s blockchain initiative, will be able to access TRON dApps and store TRX.

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“This is a remarkable milestone for TRON, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Samsung. We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent.

Samsung has also given DApps developers access to the Blockchain Keystore SDK, allowing them to build applications running on TRON blockchain and provide secure private key authentication.

With TRX being integrated into the Keystore, the crypto enthusiasts believe the move opens the door for similar networks, particularly as Samsung has been active in the space since it first released its blockchain wallet in March 2019.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore addresses security concerns related to bringing blockchain to mobile platforms. The store allows users to use their mobiles like a cold wallet, storing their private keys in a dedicated zone with the additional protection of its standard security app Knox.

Samsung’s crypto suite also included enabling a wallet app, which allows users of its flagship Galaxy S10 to make cryptocurrencies transactions and easily access DApps on their smartphones.

Samsung’s push into blockchain is expanding even further with some rumors suggest that eventually, Samsung Pay will sync with the Keystore wallet so people can pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

Founded by Chinese entrepreneur Justin Jun, TRON is a blockchain-based protocol dedicated to creating what it calls a “decentralized and free internet.” The TRON network provides mechanisms for allocating the value of user-generated content, with anyone who contributes content being entitled to profits of proportional value.

The company has its own cryptocurrency, dubbed TRX, which had a market cap of $1.4 billion at the time of writing.

Last year, the Tron Foundation said it would be working closely with Baidu, a China-based internet giant, to work on a large cloud service with the final goal of providing better blockchain solutions.

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