Makor Partners with New ICO Investre Network

The collaboration will enable Enigma and Investre to deliver truly “world-class” crypto capabilities.

The Makor Group announced on Wednesday that its crypto brokerage, Enigma securities, has begun a strategic partnership with the Investre Network, a new initial coin offering (ICO).

In a company statement, Makor noted the partnership: “marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between two major players in the cryptocurrency community.”

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Enigma securities hopes the alliance will allow it to provide better service to its institutional clients. According to the statement: “the collaboration will enable Enigma and Investre to deliver truly world-class crypto capabilities. This joint effort will be exceptional in the under-serviced, fast-growing cryptocurrency market.”

Enigma Securities, part of the Makor Group, is a specialized broker-dealer which gives institutional investors access to the cryptocurrency market. Through the platform, its clients can sell and settle in crypto as well as in US dollars.

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The Investre Network

The Investre Network is a cross-chain lending platform specializing in crypto financing, powered by blockchain. The service is similar to securities lending but in a disintermediated manner. This means there is no involvement of intermediaries or centralized agencies.

Clients of the network can transact on standardized borrowing/lending contracts in disintermediated crossing networks. It is also possible for investors to transact on non-standardised and customized contracts with preliminary matching. These contracts are facilitated by Investre, and the bilateral negotiation takes place in a secured virtual meeting room.

The platform also recognizes the security issues within the cryptocurrency industry. As a result, Investre does not keep custody of its clients’ digital assets. Its clients control their own private keys and are responsible for the safekeeping of the keys in their own wallets. This ensures that its clients have a high-level of security that has been a large concern for any intermediated crypto service.

The network aims to facilitate the completeness of the cryptocurrency market. Its cross-token clearing technology creates an infrastructure that will allow the future introduction of various cryptocurrency products. The network is set for a full-scale launch in the second quarter of 2019.

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