Cryptsy Victims’ Lawyer Calls on Big Vern to Come Out of Hiding

"I am unaware of Big Vern helping in any manner, way, shape, or form."

Yesterday we reported that the website of US-based Bitcoin exchange Cryptsy went offline without notice after its server physical location was surrendered to its court appointed receivership.

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We also mentioned yesterday that the last tweet that the firm put out was from two weeks ago. It claimed that the physical location of both its internet and wallet server has been given to its receivership representative along with information on Bittrex-held funds. However, now we can sadly update that the lost wallet funds are still missing as its operator Paul “Big Vern” Vernon remains at large.

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David C. Silver, Esq. of the Silver Law Group, which represents the former Cryptsy clients in the class action lawsuit in Florida, provided this response:

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“I can confirm that I (along with others) received an anonymous e-mail from a temporary e-mail account at describing the server location.  Most, if not all, of the information received was already public knowledge and was being widely discussed online over the last several weeks. I am unaware of any confirmation that the information provided by the e-mail has led to any additional information about wallet server information.

David C. Silver, Esq.
David C. Silver, Esq.

I have no confirmation that the anonymous e-mail that I received was from Mr. Vernon and/or anyone related with Cryptsy.  I call on Mr. Vernon to come out of hiding and work with the Court-appointed Receiver (Mr. Sallah) and his counsel to help Cryptsy customers recover as much of their stolen assets as possible.  To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Vernon has not acknowledged the fact that Mr. Sallah is the Court-appointed Receiver and has not provided any information or assistance directly to Mr. Sallah.

If the media reports and online discussions are to be taken as true, Mr. Vernon has done the opposite and is acting in direct violation of the federal court order.  As I have previously stated, please publicize that we would like Mr. Vernon to come forward and work with us, with the Receiver, and most importantly, with the Cryptsy customers whose lives and funds have been wrongfully taken from them.”

Asked about the claim they have gotten the wallets from Big Vern, the attorney said “I am unaware of Big Vern helping in any manner, way, shape, or form.” And as for his whereabouts: “I am unaware of where Big Vern is. The last place I can confirm he was is China in early 2016.”

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