“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver Suspended from Top Community Forum

Censorship of debates on how to reform the blockchain is causing rifts within the bitcoin community.

Early cryptocurrency advocate and investor Roger Ver, aka “Bitcoin Jesus”, has been suspended from participating in one of the most popular community forums. This marks another example of how, despite all hopes, the bitcoin civil war is far from over.

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Investing in startups including bitcoin.com, Blockchain, Z.cash, BitPay, Kraken, Purse.io and Ripple, Ver contributed over a $1 million toward creating the bitcoin ecosystem over the past six years.

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He has now been blocked from Reddit for referring to the real name of Bitcoin forum administrator “Theymos”. Ver was thus accused of an offense known as doxxing (exposing a private individual’s details) despite the fact that a simple Google search will return a number of sources with the real identity of the person behind the Theymos moniker.

Theymos has repeatedly been accused of employing very harsh censorship policies, crushing debates about how to reform the blockchain both on Reddit and on Bitcointalk. This suspension of a high profile figure will likely exacerbate the situation leading to further strife and migration of users to alternative forums.

As we reported a year ago when veteran core developer Mike Hearn branded bitcoin a failed experiment, the underlying reason for most of this is the clash between those who think increasing block sizes immediately is critical (such as Ver) and those saying a resolution can be postponed further. The consequences of this led to forums censoring all information on alternative solutions with as well as massive cyber attacks on competing implementations (like the DDoSing of network nodes running Bitcoin XT).

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