Use the Bitcoin Blockchain to Secure Your Stocks, Options and Bonds

Adam Perlow, Bitcoin Hodler and CEO of the Zen Protocol talks about securing financial assets on the Blockchain.

Adam Perlow is a 2011 ‘Hodler’ (cryptocurrency forums slang for long term investor). He believes people should have a say in who creates and controls their wealth.

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Yesterday Perlow talked with Finance Magnates about the current state of the leading cryptocurrency, the advantages using of a public blockchain versus private systems and how Bitcoin Hodlers such as himself are creating an alternative ecosystem for investments based on the technology.

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The interview was broadcast live and a video recording is available here:

Perlow says that the use of Bitcoin as money is the first step in removing “taxation via inflation”. However, the majority of our wealth is held in a portfolio, not currency, which is why there is a dire need for his current project, Zen Protocol.

Zen is a decentralised financial system. Using the technology behind Bitcoin users can secure conventional assets, such as stocks and bonds, using cryptography. These assets can by issued by anyone, without the need to trust the issuer. This is achieved by placing collateral into smart contracts, which are resolved based on prices announced by a neutral party (aka an Oracle). Furthermore Zen observes the Bitcoin blockchain, acting as a complementary, rather than competitive protocol.

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