The latest MtGox doc: Kraken, claims against subsidiaries, and possible legal action against Karpeles

The latest MtGox bankruptcy court document, released today, offers more detail into Kraken’s new role and some interesting items on

The latest MtGox bankruptcy court document, released today, offers more detail into Kraken’s new role and some interesting items on the state of various companies affiliated with Tibanne.

In being selected by trustee Kobayashi, Kraken is held in high regard. He notes how the exchange, operated by Payward, was selected by Bloomberg for the tracking of bitcoin prices in its data service. This demonstrates the reliability and stability of its exchange operations.

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Kraken’s role will be threefold: (1) assist in the investigation of the missing coins, joining Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, ReEx Accounting Firm and Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department, (2) assistance in filing proof of claims and (3) assisting in the bankruptcy distribution. Kraken, however, will not assume MtGox’s business or otherwise revive the exchange.

Later on in the document, Kobayashi points to the logistical difficulties in filing bankruptcy claims from an “extremely large number of creditors” that exist worldwide- estimated at 127,000. He is seeking a smoother method, such as via the web, and is looking into a company for its implementation by April 2015.

Kobayashi has also been working to recover company assets and receivables. He has discovered some additional, smaller quantities of bitcoin, aggregating them with the ~200,000 previously discovered for a total of 202,105.837821 BTC.

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Assets have also been recovered from external companies. However, he is seeking receivables MtGox affiliates including: Tibanne, Shade 3D, Bitcoin Cafe and Robert Marie Mark Karpeles.

With Tibanne and Shade 3D, Kobayashi says he has tried negotiating an acceptable repayment plan. Bitcoin Cafe has itself been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, and creditor claims against the entity have complicated Kobayashi’s claims. Karpeles owes the bankrupt MtGox entity ¥136,175,781 ($1,157,494) and “has so far not presented any repayment plan” to Kobayashi.

Movement of funds among the companies was noticed in the summer, to the concern of creditors. Kobayashi plans on taking legal action against these entities should voluntary repayment not occur.

As previously mentioned, Kobayashi is considering to make the distribution in bitcoins, not fiat, but first needs to determine if this is permissible.

Total assets, excluding receivables and discovered bitcoin quantities, equal ¥1,314,923,801 ($11,176,852). The amount will increase as more assets are recovered and excluded items are recognized, but will fall well short of the liability worth nearly $500 million. The decline in bitcoin prices since the collapse has shaved off greater than $100 million in value from the 200,000 remaining bitcoins.

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