OKCoin adds advanced order entry tools

Right after relaunching margin trading through its p2p service, OKCoin announces its launch of “algorithmic tools for Bitcoin trading”. The

Right after relaunching margin trading through its p2p service, OKCoin announces its launch of “algorithmic tools for Bitcoin trading”. The features are in essence advanced order entry tools, namely:

Trigger orders: User-defined conditions for when trades are sent to the market.

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Icebergs: Large orders can be sliced into many smaller orders, which prevents the executed price from getting pushed in undesired directions due to unmet supply/demand. It also makes the total order quantity less obvious.

Time-weighted average price: A large quantity can be executed over an extended time period, keeping the executed price in line with that of the market.

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The new features bring the exchange’s functionality closer to that of advanced fiat-based platforms, such as those commonly used in equity trading. Star Xu, founder and CEO of OKCoin said:

“By bringing professional trading technologies from the traditional financial world, OKCoin hopes to boost the growth and maturity of Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading is still in its infancy, historically-speaking, but many of the investors involved are quite sophisticated. We have seen a lot of increased interest from knowledgeable individuals, investment funds, and institutional investors. These investors are looking for an exchange that can provide the types of professional trading technologies that the traditional securities world takes for granted. OKCoin is committed to the continued enhancement of our trading tools and service offerings, and we will not stop until our platform offers all of the same trading services and options that one might expect from world-leading financial exchanges.”

The enhancements were spearheaded by Changpeng Zhao, OKCoin’s Chief Technology Officer. He has 15 years of experience in institutional trading technology, previously serving as the head of R&D at Bloomberg Tradebook Futures. He recently served as Head of Development at blockchain.info. Said Zhao:

“By being the the first Bitcoin exchange in the world to offer Wall Street level trading tools to sophisticated investors, OKCoin is not only raising the bar – we are leading the digital currency evolution. I am excited that I can leverage my Wall Street experience directly at OKCoin, and I see many opportunities for the company to fill gaps and shortfalls within the Bitcoin trading ecosystem.”

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