Lykke Exchange Integrates Ecological Blockchain Asset SolarCoin

The SolarCoin project incentivizes the generation of solar electricity through a freely obtainable financial reward.

Lykke, a Swiss company building a marketplace for trading all classes of financial assets on the blockchain, today announced the integration of the SolarCoin digital currency into the Lykke Exchange.

The SolarCoin project promotes the generation of solar electricity through a freely obtainable financial reward. Lykke users are now able to buy, sell, and exchange SolarCoin alongside other supported currencies.

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“Our users can now convert sunshine directly into francs, euros or bitcoins,” said Lykke founder and CEO Richard Olsen. “Bringing the SolarCoin currency into the Lykke Exchange is a logical extension of our long-term plan. We are always looking for ways to expand market access and increase participation. Challenging conventional wisdom is what we do best, and we will be able to do it that much better with the passionate, forward-thinking SolarCoin community on our exchange.”

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“Joining the Lykke exchange enables Solar Owners participating in the SolarCoin program to have more connections with the wider financial world, creating a virtuous circle,” said Nick Gogerty, SolarCoin Foundation.

“SolarCoin has been a huge inspiration to the Lykke team. Our Natural Capital market initiative is all about turning ecology into economy, which SolarCoin has championed in spectacular fashion,” added Olsen.

SolarCoin is tradable in the form of the colored coins. To acquire a SolarCoin colored coin on the secondary market, customer needs to use Lykke Exchange accessible from the Lykke Wallet mobile application. The SolarCoin colored coins are redeemable to the SolarCoin blockchain.

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