Cryptsy’s Stolen $6m of Cryptocurrencies to Be Recovered?

The bitcoin exchange has signed a contract with an anonymous hacker that goes by the alias Cryptcracker​.

Are we about to witness a breakthrough in the case of the missing $6 million in cryptocurrencies that Cryptsy claims were stolen by a hacker? could be. The bitcoin exchange has just publicly released a “Reward Contract”  signed with an anonymous hacker that goes by the alias Cryptcracker​.

According to the agreement Cryptcracker will recover for reward the stolen 13,000 Bitcoin from the Cryptsy exchange for a base reward of 1750 BTC or about 13.5% of the recovered amount. Cryptcracker may also recover stolen 247,000 Litecoin for an additional award of 250 Bitcoin. This recovery is listed as secondary to the recovery of the Bitcoin and is to take place once the recovery of the Bitcoin is complete.

Additional bounties may be paid for recovery of BTCD (37,400 approximate) and X11 (239,000 approximate) along with other coins lost. The amount of bounty to be decided after Bitcoin and Litecoin are recovered. The recovery of the Bitcoin is the primary concern so it will receive attention ahead of the recovery of other coins.

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Palm Beach waterfront mansion

Meanwhile, Finance Magnates has learned that the class action lawsuit in a U.S federal court against Cryptsy and its operator Paul “Big Vern” Vernon has been amended recently to include his ex-wife, Lorie Ann Nettles. According to the lawsuit the couple bought an expensive house in Florida and than divorced with the apparent goal of protecting their assets in case of any lawsuit even before the exchange announced the hacking.

The updated lawsuit reads: “Upon information and belief…the millions of dollars in customer assets that “disappeared” in June 2014 are not missing; they were taken by the CRYPTSY Defendants… to pay for their own business and personal expenses, including all-cash-purchase of a $1,374,881 waterfront mansion in Palm Beach County, Florida in March 2015.

Within a few months of VERNON and NETTLES’ cash purchase of the Palm Beach County mansion, she commenced marital dissolution proceedings against him — proceedings that were concluded in less than four months with an arrangement under which NETTLES was granted ownership of the mansion…

….the Marital Settlement Agreement which VERNON and NETTLES devised to distribute between them their marital assets was, in whole or in part, a sham and was fabricated by VERNON and NETTLES as a means of unlawfully and improperly transferring to NETTLES many of the assets secreted away from the CRYPTSY customers.”

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