Integrated MT4 Binary Options – What Does It Mean For Your Business?

Broctagon's Global Sales Director talks about the company and his workshop for brokers at the upcoming Tokyo Summit

Broctagon is a brokerage solutions provider, a one-stop hub specialized in creating distinct white label brands. Its comprehensive service offerings include entity incorporation, licensing, payment processing and liquidity to fully customized front and back-end systems tailored to specific needs. Broctagon’s flagship product is binary options directly on the popular MT4 platform.

At the upcoming Tokyo Summit Broctagon will be hosting a workshop for brokers on integrated MT4 binary options. Finance Magnates interviewed the company’s Global Sales Director, Don Guo, who will conduct the workshop on Broctagon’s goals and more.

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How long has Broctagon been operating?

The development of the MT4 Binary Options platform began in 2012. After more than a year of tests and refinement, the technology was perfected for the market.Thus, the Broctagon Brand was officially established in 2014 to provide white label opportunities for this revolutionary technology.

What are your long-term goals?

Broctagon was founded on the belief that the binary options industry was in an evident need for a better binary options trading platform that can aid traders in realizing their utmost potential and that remains our long-term goal. The MT4 binary options platform is only the tip of the iceberg of our extensive plan to redefine the industry with many more exciting and innovative ways to trade binary options. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the world’s premier binary options provider with unparalleled service, products and technology.

Why is Broctagon participating in the Tokyo Summit?

It is with no doubt that the Japan has one of the world’s most advanced economies and a huge player in both the Forex and binary options industries. Broctagon is participating in the Tokyo Summit in search for the ideal partner to explore the immense potential of the Japanese market together with the introduction of our proprietary MT4 Binary Options technology. We are confident this state-of-the-art technology will excite Japanese traders with the boundless opportunities it presents.

What are your target markets?

We definitely have our sights set on a global perspective to be the preferred binary solutions provider in the world. Right now, our expertise lie in the Asian markets where we are most active and established with the highest number of white labels. Our next focus will be on the developed European markets of which we have already laid the necessary foundation and will likely see major developments towards the final quarter of 2015.

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What is Broctagon’s experience in China?

Broctagon’s management team possesses vast business experiences in China. As a one-stop brokerage solutions provider, Broctagon also offers corporate advisory and has empowered many of its partners with the necessary knowledge to tap the potential of the 1.3 billion strong market. With Broctagon’s partnership, network and resources, one of our leading white labels now conducts more than 100 seminars every month in China, attracting tens of thousands of new traders with our MT4 Binary Options Platform.

This white label is none other than Starfish FX, one of the most influential binary brands in China today, recently awarded “Best Broker Asia 2015” by the prestigious Global Banking and Finance Review, as well as a cover feature on prime Hong Kong Media “The Moment Magazine” June issue.

What do you think the industry can achieve in China?

There is with no doubt massive potential for growth of the binary options industry in China. Albeit being one of the world’s largest economies, China Investors are predominantly still relatively new to the concept of Forex trading, let alone binary options. But, this phenomenon is rapidly changing with an increasing number of financial exhibitions being held in major cities all over China every month. More and more investors are being educated of the opportunities that lie in the Forex markets and are looking for the ideal platform to hop onto this profitable bandwagon.

However, the Forex market is one full of complexities that present a barrier of entry to the common China investor. Binary options on the hand gained widespread popularity due to its simple and profitable nature. With almost no learning curve, flexible investment criteria, predetermined risk and rewards, and essentially just a question of up or down, binary options are capturing the interests and hearts of investors all around China.

Please tell us about the workshop

In the fast-paced and highly competitive financial industry, traders are always looking for the most ideal trading platform that can maximize their trading potential. This was why Broctagon created the MT4 binary options platform. By combining the simplicity and profitability of binary options trading with the secured and dynamically capable environment of the world-renowned Metatrader4, traders can now truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

With binary options seamlessly integrated within the MT4 platform, traders can utilize the extensive range of tools and indicators to make more informed price forecast. The detailed price charts also enhance accuracy. Traders can trade both Spot Forex and binary options simultaneously in the same familiar and trusted platform with no additional learning curve.

As a broker, risk management will become a breeze. With all systems integrated into one you will gain invaluable insights of our business over a multitude of reporting tools. Monitor live exposure at a glance with the sophisticated MT4 tools coupled with our proprietary support systems to algorithmically maximize your profits.

A fully integrated MT4 binary options platform would mean an elevated business positioning, new opportunities that will attract brand new markets while empowering existing traders, more refined business management and all in all a more profitable business for you.

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