The Antipodes Top the List of Binary Options Deposits in March

Antipodean binary options traders deposited the most funds on average into their trading accounts during March 2017.

China may no longer lead the pack, but if you want to ensure that your binary options brokerage gets the highest deposits it can, you still need to go for the Asia Pacific region.

The latest report from Finance Magnates Intelligence Department and Cpattern reveals that binary options clients from the Antipodes – Australia and New Zealand – spent the most money funding their trading accounts in March 2017, followed by their APAC neighbors in Singapore.

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The top ten average deposit sources for binary options firms in March 2017, in descending order, are: New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. After APAC, we see that Europe is the second best region, followed by the Middle East.

If we normalize for the size of the national economy per capita, the list changes to: Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Poland and Sweden. As you can, see the top three average deposits countries remain in the running even when they have to compete with less affluent countries on a normalized scale. And Malaysia joins the club of leading APAC binary options markets.

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Interestingly APAC is not on the map in terms of withdrawals during the month of March. The rich gulf states lead the way in this metric, suggesting that Middle Eastern binary options traders capitalized on their gains the most during the period.

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The research and analysis work conducted for preparing this index was powered by the retention automation firm Cpattern.

This is the latest publication from the FM Traffic Indices – a new cross-industry benchmark created with a methodological formula that matriculates data from three main sources: insider information, our unique database and technological BI tools.

In today’s business world, big-data analysis and access to objective information sources are crucial to success. Unfortunately, until now it has been very difficult and costly, if possible at all, to find any reliable benchmarks for operations in social, FX, binary options and CFDs trading.

For this reason, the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department has launched a new project, creating a set of indices encompassing various aspects of the online trading industry. These indices will provide you with unique data points gathered by our analysts that will serve as a valuable knowledge base for your decision making.

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