Robert Tiger

About the Author

Robert was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain late 2010 at which time he promptly dropped everything he was doing and focused the majority of his time learning as much as he could about this new game changing technology...Since then Robert has collaborated with several developers on various projects providing services related to programming and coding, provisioning, media and content generation, web development, marketing and promotion...Robert credits most of his education and success to people like Satoshi Nakamoto, Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, Andreas Antonopulous, Adam B.Levine, OKToshi, Nick Szabo and Gavin Wood and strives to do his part by educating others...Robert is Founder and CEO of Decentralized Networks, Inc.Decentralized Networks was created to educate the masses on why decentralized technologies like Bitcoin exist, how to use these technologies effectively, how to avoid pitfalls and how to weed out disinformation and propaganda...He is also writes for several news platforms including, and his newly launched news site The BitRebel Press

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