ZuluTrade Introduces New Profit-Sharing Copy-Trading Program

ZuluTrade is the first open multi broker trading community to support this type of solution

ZuluTrade, a leading social and copy trading platform provider, has unveiled a new Profit-Sharing Program. The new model represents the first of its kind for any major multi-broker copy trading platform in the industry, helping foster fair and transparent trading for clients.

ZuluTrade’s copy trading platform has consistently been at the forefront of updates and solutions for the industry. Its new Profit-Sharing Program effectively aligns the interests of signal providers and followers, helping optimize the overall copy trading experience in the most profitable manner possible.

The demand for copy trading continues to rise in 2018. Indeed, with users consistently looking for these services, the premium for such solutions has grown as well. For ZuluTrade’s part, its new profit sharing model leverages over a decade of experience and extensive R&D in copy-trading.

ZuluTrade is the first open multi broker trading community to support this type of solution. The availability of an innovative profit sharing model is also expected to bestow several benefits not only for investors, but for brokers and the industry as a whole.

“The new profit sharing program is a win-win situation for our users that we believe will soon become the de facto method of Trader compensation” says Mr. George Ilias, CEO of ZuluTrade Group. “We aim to provide a simple, fair, and safe trading environment. This is one of the biggest disruptions on the menu, commencing ZuluTrade’s new era.”

How does the Profit-Sharing Program work?

ZuluTrade’s Profit-Sharing Program enables a wide range of benefits, including the ability for customers to trade with reduced trading fees. This includes a 20 percent performance fee when users are profitable, and only applying for amounts above a ‘high water mark’ (HWM), defined by the follower-trader pair’s historical performance. Should traders fail to incur a monthly profit or are unable to exceed a HWM, no performance fee will be applied to followers’ accounts.

The Profit-Sharing Program emphasizes unified interests for both followers and traders. As such, the more profits garnered on a follower’s account, the higher the compensation there will be for traders. In particular, traders are compensated on a 50 percent payment-reserve scheme. This means that 50 percent of commissions will be credited into a trader’s account, while the remaining 50 percent will be reserved to ensure future profitable trading performances.

Unique client benefits

ZuluTrade’s new Profit-Sharing Program helps bridge the relationship between trader and follower. As one of the more innovative types of solutions to become available in recent years, the program helps promote a stronger bond between these two groups. In doing so, both parties are able to benefit, with enhanced direct communication and a stronger focus on transparency.

The solution’s benefits are not only reserved for traders and followers, but also for brokers. Brokers also stand to reap several advantages from the program, becoming one of the first providers to introduce the solution for their client base.

Of note, ZuluTrade’s Profit-Sharing Program is fully white labelled and comes equipped with easy setup and ultra-fast integration. In addition to a diverse suite of available tools to manage accounts, the service offers 24/5 access to multi-lingual customer support, as well as strong brand name and customer awareness.

The multi-asset platform also offers the largest database of signals and strategies currently available across the market, catering to both advanced and novice investors. With over twenty-six supported languages and state-of-the-art mobile apps, ZuluTrade’s Profit-Sharing Program offers something for everyone.

ZuluTrade will also be attending the iFX EXPO next week in Limassol, Cyprus on May 22-24. To learn more about ZuluTrade or their Profit-Sharing Program, stop by the group’s booth (118), or consult their website or contact below:

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