Your Cashier Checklist – Time For an Upgrade!

Here are some of the top issues you should consider when looking for payment cashiers or upgrades

If you plan to start working with a payment cashier or are looking to upgrade your existing one, here are some of the top issues you should consider when checking what is out there.

√ Is the cashier PCI DSS Level 1 Certified?

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√ Does it support recurrent payments?
√ Does it increase acceptance rates by effectively tackling wrongful declines?
√ Can the cashier prove 99.9% uptime?
√ Will you get rates management and reconciliation, with your payment providers?
√ When you add a new PSP, will your cashier vendor connect you quickly?
√ If you need customization tailored to you needs, will it be done for you fast and efficiently?
√ Can the cashier offer you multiple connections to CRMs and unlimited brands, at no extra cost?
√ Will you receive unified reports & statements?
√ Does it support auto-learning, anti-fraud filters that really prevent chargebacks?
√ Can the cashier generate invoices for wire transfer?
√ Can you set rules as to which bank will be used per wire transfer based on your policy?
√ Does it track incoming wires?
√ Can your customers get wire transfer invoices from your payment page?
√ Does it support a diversity of Crypto payments?
√ Will you receive a dynamic and branded payment page?
√ Does the cashier vendor have an established position with proven track record in the payment industry?

Ready for all this and more?

Fintegrate merchants are lucky to be able to check mark all these necessary criteria. These features and tools separate them from other merchants that constantly face processing hurdles, which stunt their growth and don’t allow them to reap all the fruits of their labor.

Even when they’ve managed to succeed from a sales and marketing perspective, they still don’t see the numbers add up as expected. When analyzed, they find that they lost money from declined transactions, downtime, chargebacks, integrations that simply took too long, and numerous other factors that they haven’t even figured out the reasons.

Fintegrate cashier, which is backed by leading payment technology provider, Payneteasy, was designed to tackle these hurdles, so that their merchants can truly profit and get what they deserve.

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