Why STOs are the Future: An Interview with Marvin Steinberg

STOs solve security issues, continually to delivering many advantages over traditional fundraising methods like IPOs.

A few years ago, Marvin Steinberg was a young ping-pong player with a bright athletic future ahead of him. An injury shattered that dream, forcing him to give up the sport and focus on a different kind of career.

Steinberg has taken an interest the energy niche, where he excelled and founded 2 successful businesses.

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First as a one-man team, and then as an enterprise which he built from the ground up using unprecedented marketing techniques (at the time) like SEO, affiliate marketing, and PPC.

At the same time, Steinberg also developed a robust foundation of salesmen for his energy contracts and distribution.

Although he’d achieved rapid growth, Steinberg wasn’t finished. After selling his energy distribution company for 7 digits, he focused his energies on his new passion.

This time the industry was blockchain and cryptocurrency, a space ripe for innovation and in a period of rapid transformation.

Marvin founded CPI Tech, a blockchain development and advisory firm specializing in STOs.

CPI has been the hot kid on the block (literally), according to Steinberg, experiencing growth and hitting milestones such as:

  • 124% average yearly sales increase with custom marketing campaigns
  • $32k bitcoins processed through software since 2017
  • 43+ Successfully completed high-value projects
  • 420% average visitor increase for traffic campaigns
  • $110k+/month average profit increase for clients

The Lowdown on CPI Tech

CPI Tech offers a range of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related services. This includes helping newcomers to the space set up their own trading platform for crypto assets within 30 days.

This is followed by help with blockchain development, assistance with marketing services, and all-important legal support in an industry where regulations are changing all the time.

One of the things that really set CPI Tech apart is its focus on Security Token Offerings or STOs.

These are a new, more secure and reliable version of Initial Coin Offerings, allowing new projects to raise funds quickly and easily without being burdened by worries about safety.

While ICOs managed this task successfully in the past, they were held back by concerns about scammers.

They also often failed to comply with regulations, causing them to run afoul of the law and cause serious problems.

STOs are safer and more regulated versions of ICOs. While solving the security issues, they continue to deliver the many advantages of security tokens over traditional fundraising methods like IPOs.

These advantages include:

  • Lower costs when it comes to things like brokerage and banking, helped by automation
  • Opportunity for easier fractional ownership, allowing investors to hold a small part of a high-value asset like property
  • Asset interoperability, making it possible to store multiple different types of assets in the same wallet and manage multiple assets in the same platform
  • 24/7 markets, so you can trade whenever you want, wherever you are in the world

STOs offer major advantages over both traditional and blockchain-based alternatives, and CPI Tech wants to make it easier for enterprises to launch and manage successful STOs. They do this in a number of ways.

How CPI Tech Helps STOs Get Off the Ground

The process of helping a company through an STO is multi-layered, and CPI Tech helps every step of the way.

That includes in-depth research and getting clear on goals and risks, marketing help, engineering assistance, and legal support.

Navigating the world of STOs can be tricky. According to Steinberg himself, “Today, scores of providers are trying to sell sub-par solutions based on false assumptions that over-promise, but under-deliver.

Since the demand for STOs is rising at an incredible rate, a lot of companies fall into this trap, just because they’re afraid to miss out on the action.”

CPI Tech is there to help companies avoid those traps, guiding them towards a successful and secure future.

One of the things that make CPI Tech so impressive is Steinberg’s policy of working only with companies he truly believes can make a positive difference.

With its focus on secure, regulation-friendly STOs, the company is built on principles of integrity and honesty, and that’s a reassuring factor in an industry that has worked hard to prove its legitimacy.

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article and should not be taken as investment advice

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