Why AX1’s Enterprise Level Mining Operations Are a Game Changer

AX1 continues to see a series of Q1 developments that have greatly enabled newer opportunities for crypto investors

AX1’s project continues to both help and cater to ordinary investors with a targeted offering. Fresh off the launch of its capital appreciation token earlier this month, AX1 is looking to extend several benefits of its large-scale crypto mining operations to a growing pool of market participants.

Over the past month, AX1 has announced a series of developments that have greatly enabled newer opportunities for investors. This stance was echoed recently by AX1’s CEO Stuart Anderson, who explained the project’s trajectory to Finance Magnates as well as the group’s roadmap and future plans.

Indeed, crypto markets rank as some of the most user-friendly and inclusive, especially weighed against other asset classes. For AX1’s part, the offering of a capital appreciation token helps reconcile many of the shortcomings in the crypto market.

These developments also culminated with kick off of AX1’s ICO, which was designed to help open up the cryptocurrency market to investors with no technical knowledge. To help accomplish this feat, the company also secured the use of two entire floors in a state-of-the-art data centre in Manchester, UK.

AX1 Capital appreciation token overview

AX1 has taken extensive efforts to develop its capital appreciation mining tokens. The concept behind AX1’s project is to give token holders the chance to profit from the mining of various cryptocurrencies without the need for any technical knowledge.

“We have a mining plan already in place and we’ve done our math over and over. We know what all the variables are and because we’re not a first mover in mining, we have plenty of examples to compare it with. You could say we’ve done our homework already – we know what works in mining,” explained Mr. Anderson.

AX1 offers something most other individuals have no hope of having access to, i.e. a centralised mining pool. These capabilities will be even more extensive, with all proceeds from its recent funding round help facilitate the next phase of the project. This includes the purchase of data rigs and associated core operations of AX1.

Total transparency

AX1 also has the benefit of heightened transparency and accountability measures, given its launch in Jersey. While many other projects have opted to proceed without any sort of regulatory backing or oversight, AX1 has charted a different course entirely. The group has obtained a consent under the Control of Borrowing (Jersey) Order for its project via the Jersey Companies Registry, part of the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

Consequently, AX1 has worked diligently to appoint and maintain a Jersey resident director on its board as well as appointing a Jersey administrator licensed by the JFSC under the Financial Services Law of 1998.

By operating in Jersey, AX1 is obligated to maintain and adopt several different systems requirements to help ensure the highest transparency. These efforts are part of an ongoing agenda by AX1, which has worked to give prospective ICO investors the highest degree of protection available.

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