Upbeat Financials Pointing to Strong 2018 for CPAY Tokens

CPAYs can already be found on HitBTC and IDEX exchanges and in the near future will increase to other venues

While last year saw the meteoric rise of crypto and blockchain venues, the competition has certainly managed to heat up in 2018. Indeed, there are no shortage of tokens and projects to back, with many looking to accomplish the same goals. In this logjam of companies, tokens, and projects, how should investors and token holders proceed?

First and foremost, choosing a token or initial coin offering (ICO) to invest in is no different than buying a company stock or other asset. Doing so requires research, an awareness of specific goals, and an analytical assessment of profits and earnings. A quick snapshot of the industry reveals several promising options, including CPAY.

Founded in October of 2013, Cryptopay wallet and prepaid cards have been helping to solve solutions to prevalent issues in the cryptocurrency industry. This includes issues surrounding day-to-day e-commerce needs with cryptos and high commission costs. CPAY ICO proved highly successful, which was finalized back on October 30, 2017. The ICO was designed to expand the team’s crypto products suite, having since grown out of an initial Bitcoin payment gateway.

How to identify real growth in a company

We have all been there – the lengthy earnings reports, the CEO quotes, the company roadmaps, etc. What does it mean to invest in a growing company? Overall, revenue-based valuations are strongly considered to be amongst the cleanest of valuation methodologies. A more detailed methodology also points out the link between revenues and profitability.

For CPAY’s part, the project has already charted a positive course in 2018. As recently as March 2018, the token already has a forward revenue share yield of 24% – by extension, any company with a dividend yield above 10% is considered an excellent buy with more traditional stocks. This trend is also valid with regards to riskier blockchain venues, as they carry significant future growth premiums – in Cryptopay’s case this is primarily connected with the upcoming card programme relaunch and bitcoin stock brokerage development.

Beyond the high equity of growth potential, blockchain companies also see a number of strong considerations as well. Dividend yields can certainly make or break the attractiveness of a given company or token, and in this respect Cryptopay’s tokens (CPAY) fit the bill. Currently, CPAYs can be found on HitBTC and IDEX exchanges and in the nearest future, the list of the available trading places should be widened to include other venues.

In terms of other financials, CPAY currently has a market cap of $4.57 million, with ample room to grow – the token is heavily undervalued due to the temporary suspension of Cryptopay’s card program and delayed PR campaign. The team has recently shown their ability to disclose transparent information about the project development and is going to expand the range of potential token holders by adding CPAY to more exchange platforms – this should soon bring CPAY market value to its fair level.

One of the biggest draws of Cryptopay’s projects has to date been its revenue sharing plan. Holders of CPAY receive referral commission on the monthly basis. The revenue sharing plan is aimed primarily for investors over a long-term perspective such as several years – investors acquire 10 percent of the aggregate revenue from existing and newly developed products.

2018 has already seen Cryptopay announce its own Bitcoin Stock Brokerage and a number of other initiatives. Based on the current value of its token and its strong revenue share, Cryptopay and CPAY tokens remains a healthy option and candidate for growth during the year.

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