The Genesis Vision Asset Management Platform is Now Available for Use

The usage of blockchain and smart contracts has allowed Genesis Vision to guarantee the authenticity of trading histories

Genesis Vision is a platform for the private asset management market, where experienced asset managers trade on behalf of investors. The existing asset management solutions have shown no signs of progress over the course of the last decade. They struggle to attract clientele due to the concealed trading histories and systems of profit distribution.

In order to achieve the transparency that the asset management so desperately needs, Genesis Vision records all of the trading histories into the blockchain, where it can be easily verified.

Genesis Vision

The usage of blockchain and smart contracts has allowed Genesis Vision to guarantee the authenticity of trading histories so that Genesis Vision investors can be 100% sure in the trading results of their managers.

As of right now, the Genesis Vision platform has launched its investor and manager modules, and both of them are operational and ready for use. Investors can already invest in investment programs and they will be able to start investing in GV Funds on 15th of November.

The investment programs work just like PAMM accounts. An investor gets to allocate his or her money in a desired proportion to the qualified GV managers, while they manage trading accounts using their own capital and pooled funds, with an aim to generate profits. Profits or losses are subsequently proportionally distributed among all of the investors.

GV Funds is an investment product, it works in a fashion similar to mutual funds. A manager can create a GV Fund, consisting of different assets, including Forex and crypto. Investors can then invest in such a fund and receive profit from an organic price growth of assets included in the fund. Please note, that when the GV Funds launch on the 15th of November, only crypto assets will be available.

Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision platform application is also available for mobile devices. Currently, only the Android version of the platform is available for download from the Google Play, while the iOS version is well on its way and will be released shortly after.

Besides the launch of the Genesis Vision platform, the Genesis Vision team has also announced the next step in the evolution of the project in the form of the Genesis Vision Network.

Genesis Vision network is going to be a decentralized exchange, that would rival its centralized colleagues in the speed of execution and fee sizes. It is going to be realised with the help of two different blockchains simultaneously working in cooperation. For the operation of such a platform the team would require a minable token, that is why the creation of GVN token was announced.

When the token is minted, it will be distributed to all of the GVT (Genesis Vision Token) holders via an airdrop. In order to become eligible for receiving GVN, an investor simply needs to hold any amount of GVT. More details will be announced in the future, while in the meantime you can familiarize yourself with the project whitepaper.

While the creation of the Genesis Vision Network is still in the distant future, the Genesis Vision platform is already up and running. If you don’t have the necessary expertise to trade for yourself, and you want to invest your funds in a skilled manager, you can register as an investor here.

If you are a skilful trader, and you wish to monetize your skill set on a whole other level, you can start working as a manager, by registering on the platform using this link.

If you want to catch up on the latest Genesis Vision news, you can do it here. Genesis Vision team will also attend the Finance Magnates 2018 Summit in London, where you can meet us at booth number 18.

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