Tales from TIOmarkets: Not Just Another Trading Competition

TIOmarkets’ trading competition promises an opportunity for traders of all experience levels.

Recently launched FX broker, TIOmarkets is primed to make its mark on the FX industry with a competition that promises to be “not just another trading competition”.

In line with the company’s straightforward and layman approach, TIOmarkets’ trading competition promises an opportunity for traders of all experience levels and portfolio sizes to win some significant trading credit.

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When asked what makes this trading competition different from others, Head of Business Development, Terence Tan stated: “Impossibly difficult-to-win trading competitions are the bread and butter of many FX firms. We’ve created our own competition in such a way that potentially anybody has the chance to win. You don’t need to be a pro-trader. You don’t need to have a huge investment. This truly levels the playing field for all participants.”

With five winning categories, the company has found a way to get around the standard single “Top ROI” criteria, which can inaccessible and unrealistic for newbie traders or even professional traders with small investment sizes.

The company is also offering three opportunities for traders to win, by launching three individual rounds, the first round of which commences on Tuesday, 25th of June.

CMO of TIOmarkets Helen Astaniou explained: “Imagine – I’m a trader who believes I have a pretty decent trading strategy, but I don’t win the first round by a hair. By offering a second round and even a third round, I have two more chances to up my game.”

The top 5 winners from 5 categories in each round will go on to compete in the grand final for $150k trading funds on 15th October. That’s $150k for the individual final winner and another $150k for the group final winners.

Still scratching your head? That’s a lot to take in – but traders are advised, “All you need to do is trade as much and as well as you can and you could win one of our prizes”.

Trading is risky. The company takes pains to note on its competition landing page that the winning funds are for trading only and are non-withdrawable. The winners can, however, keep any profit raised as a result of trading.

Additionally, clients are reminded to trade with caution and never to invest more than they can afford to lose. More information on the trading competition can be found here: https://tio-m.com/competition1

In order to participate, individual traders are advised to:

  1. Open a live trading account
  2. Fund account with a minimum of $50 (or currency equivalent)
  3. Aim to trade for the highest return possible

Trading teams are also invited to participate in the contest. To enter, they should email competitions@tiomarkets.com with the MT4 or MT5 IDs of each team participant plus their unique team name.

Competition or no competition, trading conditions are low-cost. Through the act of opening an account and trading with TIOmarkets, traders can access low-cost trading conditions both during and outside of the competition period.

The company has stated that they believe their trading conditions to be amongst the lowest in the industry, even to the point of developing a savings calculator showing how much money can be saved by subscribing to the company trading subscription packages.

The company’s boldest statement to-date consists of a claim that the first 10,000 TIOmarkets traders stand to save in the region of $12 million USD in trading funds.

Find out more about newly-launched TIOmarkets here.

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