Swiss Fintech Set to Change the Landscape of Isolated Financial Services

The solution to have multiple cryptocurrencies available at the touch of one’s fingertips is as important as ever.

In the past year cryptocurrency payments became even more important, with business moguls such as Elon Musk announcing crypto payment availability for their services.

However, with rising environmental concerns, the solution to have multiple cryptocurrencies available at the touch of one’s fingertips is as important as ever.

Swiss AMF AG, a pioneer in the Swiss financial services turn-key company industry, is on the leading edge in this highly fragmented cryptocurrency and banking services market.

In addition to other corporate services, Swiss AMF invests in and develops licensed Swiss financial services companies like payment processors, money transfer, banking services, asset management companies and fiduciary/trusts, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

In conjunction with a Swiss software company partner, Swiss AMF has developed and is currently offering for sale, a blockchain-based, comprehensive banking services company and software platform infrastructure for with a multi-functional cryptocurrency payment solution and maximum security of their crypto transactions.

This latest company, a sophisticated all-in-one turn-key crypto and banking services solution could, fundamentally change the landscape of multi-function financial and banking services market worldwide.

“With the development of this fully customizable ecosystem, Swiss AMF [is selling or in possession of, etc.] what might be the leading B2B and B2C crypto banking infrastructure available today,” stated Marvin Rowe of SAMF.

All-in-one Solution

The sophisticated payment processing platform combines the services of traditional banking and custodial cryptocurrency exchange. Its users are able to use all-type banking services for conventional and digital currencies.

Users will be able to order bank and payment accounts (IBANs) for international bank payments and receipts, order prepaid debit cards, exchange amongst all major currencies, and to transfer money to other users and more.

Swiss financial services enables companies for forex or digital currency trading with bank transfers or credit and debit cards.

The platform is fully integrated with several regulated banks and payment institutions for opening SWIFT and SEPA accounts and the issuance of Mastercard debit cards.

And users will have access to all these features after completing a simple automated AML process, integrated seamlessly into the platform.

Accordingly, it includes the functionality of a cryptocurrency exchange, which enables digital asset trading and secure wallets for storage and management of crypto portfolios.

Technical features allow clients to instantly convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and vice versa. Due to a fully automated process, transactions are processed quickly and easily.

Safety First

The Swiss platform is licensed and authorised for all the features of the platform and more. The platform utilises a secure and technology-driven solution to support cryptocurrency wallets and ensure safe asset holding. 

Asset safety has been a prominent topic lately, multiple cryptocurrency scams being covered even by the mainstream media. Financial asset security has been discussed not only by the masses, but also by the world leaders.

The focus of those talks always being digital safety advancements.

The multifunctional crypto payment platform operates on officially authorized blockchain technology that allows it to facilitate fast, secure, and low-cost cross-border transactions worldwide.

Smart contracts provide trusted real-time verification of payments and do not require third parties like banks. Such bypass allows to speed up the international payments and reduce their costs.

One of the most important features of customizable Swiss crypto payment solutions is the highest security and privacy standards built into the system.

The all-in-one crypto payment platform has full integration with automated KYC verification and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance service providers for real-time transaction monitoring and enhanced due diligence.

The arrangement with GlobalPass, KYC service industry leader, helps to detect financial crime risks during the customer onboarding process and thus to deliver peace of mind for the company’s directors and owners.

The company is supervised by Swiss financial authorities and authorized to operate as the multifunction cryptocurrency payment gateway. 

About Swiss AMF AG (SAMF)

SAMF is a Swiss company located in Zug, Switzerland. The company unites a team of highly experienced Swiss financial services specialists who have a broad understanding of the licensing, regulatory, compliance and operational aspects of the Swiss financial services industry.

The company’s team has in-depth knowledge of highly specific Swiss licensing processes, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) laws and requirements.

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