Supplemental Income with the FBS CopyTrade App!

Social trading allows even novice participants in the Forex market to get a supplemental income.

Could you imagine that getting a supplemental income effortless is possible? What if we say that it is not just possible, but also very easy? All you need are a smartphone and the FBS CopyTrade App!

The FBS CopyTrade App is a social trading platform. Social trading allows all the people who don’t have any specific knowledge about finances and the Forex market to get a supplemental income.

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The working principle of the app is simple. The users can invest in the diversified trading portfolios of the skilled traders. This type of social trading is called copy trading because of how it works.

The newcomers of the market or less experienced in trading people copy the professional ones’ actions.

However, how to choose a trader to increase my chances to profit? This question may come to your mind.

First of all, you can rate the traders as you like. There are plenty of tools to sort and filter the traders by the different metrics. It allows a user to define among all traders the most reliable ones.

Secondly, In the FBS CopyTrade App, you can find the information about each trader in their personal cards. Here is the information about how many copiers a trader already has, how much time ago he allowed to be copied in the app, what trading instruments he trades, etc. These metrics are required to illustrate how trusted a trader is and convince an investor to start copying it.

Moreover, the FBS CopyTrade team developed some tools that can guarantee you prevention from a significant loss. They are called ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’.

You just need to set the percentage of how much you are ready to lose and the percentage of how much profit would satisfy you. After reaching the desirable sum or the acceptable loss, a program closes your order automatically.

It gives protection from unexpected loss and allows you to forget about constant monitoring of the trade. You can set them after studying a trader’s card and pressing the ‘Copy’ button there.

Finally, the FBS CopyTrade created a feature called ‘Risk-Free Investments’. It allows all new users of the app to learn how to invest wisely via practice and without any loss.

After downloading the app, each user receives information about the feature. After studying in and pressing ‘Count me in’, you have two weeks to make three risk-free investments in three different traders.

You can invest up to $100 in a trader’s portfolio with a fixed stop loss parameter -10% and be calm about your assets! The FBS CopyTrade App refunds you all you may lose, making risk-free investments.

This is a great opportunity to enter the world of social trading practicing on the real assets, with the opportunity to make a real profit and without any risk of loss.

In addition, the FBS CopyTrade App has often named the most convenient and user-friendly social trading platform. It has a very easy-to-use interface and the support team available to answer all your questions 24/7.

All in all, if you are not familiar with the Forex, trading, and finances, but interested in getting a supplemental income, the FBS CopyTrade App is created for you!

Let the top traders monitor the market changes, practice, and study the finances. You can just start copying them and relax.

Increase your chances to profit and invest easily with FBS CopyTrade App!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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