Paxful’s Leading Payment Kiosk Now Available for over 4M Users Worldwide

The Paxful payment kiosk allows platforms to accept payments from over 350 payment methods.

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For years, merchants serving global populations have had the same problem — onboarding payment providers and accepting automated payments to their accounts.

Paxful has now produced a proven solution to this problem that’s already working with some of the most high-profile firms around the world.

The Paxful payment kiosk allows platforms to accept payments from over 350 payment methods in virtually every currency around the world.

From bank transfers and digital wallets to gift cards, and credit cards, Paxful can help accept all of these payment methods and much more.

What’s the secret? Paxful has a network of over 4 million users around the world, transacting in these payments in exchange for Bitcoin.

This means local merchants in India can accept bank transfers in exchange for Bitcoin and facilitate the acceptance of funds to the platform. Bitcoin is automatically deposited in the platform’s account and there are no chargebacks.

Best of all, there are zero costs or fees that platforms must pay to Paxful. In addition, platforms receive 2% revenue for each successful transaction that occurs.

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Bithumb, and Bitforex have already chosen Paxful as their vendor of choice to accept payments from all over the world.

Paxful’s ready-made payment kiosk makes it easy and seamless to integrate.

The iFrame has already been created so platforms can simply customize the URL and the parameters for their site. They create one new webpage and drop the iFrame code into the HTML and it’s good to go.

Blogs and small merchants can get their payment kiosk up and running in minutes, while more established players that require more testing and customization can complete the process in a few weeks. Either way, the process is simple and painless.

Paxful will devote developers and project managers to this process to make it as simple as possible. Paxful has a team of over 300 employees, which means there is always someone available to help, 24/7.

Additionally, Paxful’s marketing team is here to help promote partners and improve their global brand and image. We can market to our own user base of over 4 million along with public channels to reach even more people.

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it is a permissionless, immutable form of value that is transferred over the Internet virtually and instantly.

It is able to be sold and converted into nearly every currency around the world so no matter where you are, you can exchange Bitcoin for the currency of your choice.

That means platforms can exchange Bitcoin for local currency to pay bills, or transfer it into USD, EUR, or any other currency.

Platforms will also be pleased to know that all transactions are final and there are no chargebacks. Because Bitcoin is an immutable form of value, it cannot be reversed once a transfer occurs.

The merchant within the Paxful ecosystem takes the risk and reward of chargebacks on the purchases.

Overall, the Paxful kiosk is a giant step forward for many platforms around the world. It facilitates an enormous range of payments and can be extremely lucrative to all those that participate.

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