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Orbex partnered up with the Limassol Municipality to become the gold sponsor of the first Limassol Sports Festival.

While the rest of Limassol and the FX world was gearing up for the highly anticipated iFX Expo, Orbex was setting up its tents elsewhere: at the Orbex Limassol Sports Festival.

Limassol is well-known for being the hub of all things Forex. The city is home to over 100 brokers, with some of the biggest names in the industry choosing it as their headquarters.

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While the industry is thriving all year-round, the end of May is the highlight of the season. Financial professionals from across the world flock to the city for the annual iFX Expo, a 3-day event that unites brokers, tech companies and financial services professionals across the industry spectrum.

Based in Limassol since 2010, Orbex began its preparations for the extravagant event like everyone else, sending representatives, handing out business cards and setting up meetings with the industry’s finest.

But, Orbex decided to raise the bar, as it often does, and give back to its local community.


The Event

Orbex partnered up with the Limassol Municipality to become the gold sponsor of the first Limassol Sports Festival, held on Sunday May 19th, 2019. The event was, therefore, named after them.

The purpose of the festival was to promote a high quality, healthy and active way of life. Booths were set up along the Molos skatepark featuring local sports establishments, such as gyms, schools, clubs and academies.

There were also nutritional specialists on site to provide parents with the knowledge they need to ensure that they are instilling healthy habits in their children’s lives.

The Orbex team spent the day on site, supporting the participants and encouraging the festival goers to explore and get involved with the various activities showcased. From boxing and judo to ballroom dancing and Zumba, there was something for everyone.

On the coastal city’s promenade with the sun shining down on the ocean, families enjoyed a Sunday outside, watching their kids discover new hobbies.

The festival proved to be the largest sporting event the city had ever seen, and it will now become an annual celebration for the locals to look forward to.

The Cause

Limassol boasts an attractive climate that is the envy of many European countries.

Unfortunately, with the development of technology, adults and children alike don’t make the most of what the island has to offer, surrendering to the 21st century sedentary lifestyle that is harmful to our health.

This is a cause that the Limassol Municipality Sports Office felt strongly about tackling. And Orbex rushed to support it.

Orbex has built a reputation for itself as being more than just a broker. The brand has pioneered a movement centred around trading responsibly by focusing on education and training before investing.

Taking its ethical duties as a broker very seriously, Orbex has tailored its messaging to reflect its values, going by the mantra: “serving traders responsibly”.

Calling Limassol home for almost a decade, Orbex decided it was time to extend its mission beyond its traders and apply it to their local community.

This initiative was the perfect opportunity to benefit its city, giving its families the chance to enjoy some non-expo related fun while focusing on health.

Flying the Orbex flag high, this week, the Orbex team made it a priority to not leave its city behind, and serve not only its traders, but also its community responsibly.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates. 

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