Moneta Markets Are on the Hunt for Talent, Paying Up to 7 Figures!

If you’re an FX sales hotshot, then you belong at Moneta Markets.

Global Forex and CFD broker Moneta Markets have made plenty of headlines in the FinTech space as one of the up and comers to look out for.

Now, they’re ready to ramp up their expansion by targeting the industry’s best talent and they’re prepared to pay big dollars, including a $10K referral fee to anyone who can refer top talent!

We spoke with Moneta Markets’ founder, David Bily, to find out more.

Moneta Markets was launched in 2020, what was the catalyst for the sudden recruitment drive?

Since the launch of Moneta Markets, we’ve worked non-stop to build the brand, and tailor our offering based on the feedback of our clients and partners. It’s had its challenges, but we’re at a point where we’ve built the ultimate FX brokerage, and are now ready to start aggressively scaling the business.

So, now that we have the best product in the industry, we want the best Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, and Country Managers with their teams in the industry.

A gun forex BDM shouldn’t have any trouble earning 7 figures with what we’ve built at Moneta.

David Bily
David Bily, Founder, Moneta Markets

Why should Sales & BDMs at other brokers switch to Moneta Markets?

First and foremost, I started my career in forex sales and account management, so I know the challenges and limitations.

All other big brokers limit the potential for what can be earned by their sales and BD teams by capping commissions, regardless of how much money they bring in. And, to put it bluntly, it’s damn unfair.

I’m of the firm belief that hard work should be compensated accordingly. All our Sales and BDMs are rewarded with uncapped commissions of 2.5% on net monthly deposits, on top of their base salary.

Now, if you’re in a similar role with another broker do the math on that – if you can bring in $4,000,000 net, that’s $100k a month in commissions, plus base. That gets you 7 figures a year, simple!

So, to all the BDMs and Account Managers in the forex industry, compare that with what you’re earning with your current broker? And, remember it’s completely uncapped, so if you’re good at what you do, there’s no reason why you can’t earn 7 figures a year.

And, if anyone out there working for a competitor broker works with, or knows someone who would be a good fit for the role with a proven track record, I’ll pay you $10k for the referral.

What sets Moneta Markets apart from other brokers?

Besides uncapped commissions, which is pretty much unheard of in our industry, we’ve built Moneta into the ultimate forex broker for BDMs to promote and sell.

Come and have a look for yourself, from branding to what’s running things under the bonnet, we have everything in place to attract and retain the business you bring!

We’ve partnered with the best to deliver the ultimate trading and tech infrastructure in the industry for clients and our partners. Everything is integrated seamlessly, from onboarding, to funding, to trading, to account management.

And, we make everything quick and seamless for our Affiliate and IB partners.

Anyone worth their salt should have no trouble bringing in new business, or getting clients, IBs and Affiliates to ditch their current broker and come join Moneta. We pay our partners the industry’s highest rebates and CPA, and we reward our team the same way.

How can Account Managers and BDMs get in touch?

If you’re in forex sales and feel like you’re not being adequately rewarded for the business you’re bringing in, or you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling at your current broker, reach out to me personally, and we can chat about things with complete confidentiality.

Quite simply, if you’re an FX sales hotshot, I want you to come earn more with me!

Hit me up on LinkedIn or email me directly at

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