KVB PRIME Gains Key UK Influence by Sponsoring Major Finance Conference

KVB PRIME played a key role in FMLS and strengthened the expansion of its business into the European market.

KVB PRIME, a globally reputable online trading broker, is delighted to announce that the Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 was a great success. The company saw a wide array of valued guests and partners come through its booth over the course of the day-long gathering.

A crowd of over 2,500 reputable industrial brokers, liquidity providers and marketing professionals convened this year to gain hands-on insight from industry leaders and take advantage of extraordinary business opportunities at the Finance Magnates London Summit.

London Summit 2019 Launches the Latest Era in FX and Fintech – Join Now

KVB PRIME thanks everyone that came from all around the world to meet us at the event.

KVB PRIME Look to the Future at FMLS

KVB PRIME played a prominent role in this year’s exhibition and strengthened the expansion of its business into the European market, with ambitions to become an international name, establishing further its position as global leader in online trading.

FMLS19 logo Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 official sponsor KVB PRIME

KVB PRIME Strategist Shares Expertise

As an FMLS sponsor for 2019, UK-based online trading company KVB PRIME received substantial interest from clients and experts alike; the company’s executives showcased their cutting-edge array of online forex trading platforms.

Among the event’s many other highlights was a fascinating panel discussion on the topic of ‘Optimize Yourself: What Can Brokers Learn from the Institutional Sphere’, which saw KVB PRIME’s own Chief Strategy Advisor Craig Davis impart exclusive trading technology expertise to assist retail businesses in optimising their operations.

FMLS19 logo Craig Davis Forex Trader Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 official sponsor KVB PRIME

“There’s a lot brokers can learn from the institutional sphere, in this year’s event we had a number of engaging discussions on how we can improve retail market strategies. In order for that to happen, we have to explore retail and institutional markets and realise that we can take knowledge and opportunities from either side. It was a pleasure to have spoken on such a great panel and I hope that the event continues to grow.” – Craig Davis 

And that’s not all – KVB PRIME’s booth also played host to particularly notable guest visitor in the form of ex-Tottenham Hotspur and England football legend Graham Roberts.

FMLS19 logo Graham Roberts Football Player England Spurs Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 official sponsor KVB PRIME

KVB PRIME Takes Over London as Exhibition Draws to a Close

After the successful sponsorship of FMLS 2019 and amid growing interest in the company’s online presence, KVB PRIME is continuing to increase its UK exposure with its latest campaign: introducing the brand on London’s historic black cabs. The brand has begun to rapidly establish its place as a leading player within the UK forex market.

One of the fastest growing FX and CFD brokers in online trading, KVB PRIME is quickly gaining prominence in the UK through a series of uniquely targeted advertising campaigns on the famous Hackney carriages of London.

hackney carriage cartoon London skyline KVB PRIME printed taxi black white black cab monochrome sponsor

Bringing Our Continuing Innovation to the Industry

Following the end of a fruitful event for both the company and the industry as a whole, KVB PRIME solidifies its commitment to innovation – with numerous ambitious projects in the pipeline – and intends to grow from strength to strength, the future is bright.

We hope you can join us on this journey. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

FMLS19 logo Finance Magnates London Summit 2019 official sponsor KVB PRIME

About KVB PRIME (UK) Limited

KVB PRIME (UK) Limited is a UK-based electronic trading brokerage firm founded in 2014. KVB PRIME is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (Reference Number 622574). The company must comply with FCA client assets regulations, known as CASS, and is committed to treating customers fairly.

KVB PRIME offers a wide range of products, including forex, indices, precious metals and energy. The company provides access to various powerful trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, WebTrade and the mobile app.

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