Introducing Traders College: Everything You Need to Know

Followme's Head of Overseas Markets, April Lee delves into the group's unique transformation and offering

Trading education has become one of the most paramount aspects of any offering currently on the market. This includes Followme’s unique Traders College, which has evolved from its earlier Community.

Finance Magnates spoke with April Lee, Followme’s Head of Overseas Markets, for her perspective on the group’s trajectory, transformation, and goals.

April Lee, Head of Overseas Markets, Followme

Followme has evolved from a Traders Community to Traders College. What do you think are the most significant changes during this transformation?

Followme is a trading community for global traders, where traders from all walks of life have free access to the trading information they require.

With the added community aspect, traders who originally carried out their trades individually are now able to engage in trading activities with like-minded friends, further enhancing the joys of trading.

Having a trader-centric community has been an unwavering vision for us. While our concept of trader “college” is not a traditional college that provides education as commonly understood, Followme’s proposed “trading college” holds more similarities to the societal values of constant, lifelong learning.

Trading is a skill that is always evolving, and it requires an endless learning experience. Followme has created a teach-yourself college that only has one subject — “trading”. This includes everyone from novice traders who have just entered the investment market to intermediate traders who have been trading for up to 2 years and veteran traders with a wealth of experience.

Ultimately, all investors can learn to trade from their “college peers”, “schoolmates” or “seniors”. As compared to the concept of “community”, the “college” will pay more attention in creating a conducive environment where traders can learn and trade freely.

As compared to other Traders Communities, what are your main advantages?

Nowadays, there are plenty of excellent trading communities globally, such as Zulutrade. These are the points that make Followme stand out:

1.) System Functions. Followme exceeds the capabilities of most trading communities on the financial markets with features such as CopyTrade, FollowTrade, FollowRank and more.

Additionally, we provide cross-platform trades that allow our users to directly integrate their current trading accounts to trade through Followme without having to open new accounts.

2) User Experience. Followme invests a significant amount of resources to continuously improve and upgrade our user experience. Currently, the Copy Trading speed of our cross-platform is generally stabilized at 100ms, greatly enhancing the trading quality for our users.

3) Our Community. Followme is a true trading community that encourages traders around the world to share their trading ideas within the community. In addition to participating in trading activities, we have a strong community culture with a wide active pool of traders. According to our February report, there are more than 230,000 active users under Followme.

In terms of overseas market development, what are the plans and objectives of Followme in 2019?

In 2019, the most important strategic objective of Followme is to introduce our trading community to the world, so that traders globally can trade and share their trades with others in the Followme trading community.

We have released our website and mobile application in both English and traditional Chinese versions, with the app available on both Google Play and App Store. We intend to focus our development efforts on the Southeast Asia, Oceania and European markets first.

The African, Central American and South American markets will also be included in our planning pipeline.

What do you think about the cryptocurrency market? Do you have any plans to enter the crypto market?

Currently, cryptocurrencies are in a bear market. However, we do realize that the Chicago Stock Exchange CME and Nasdaq are adopting a positive stance towards potential crypto adoption.

As such, despite the downtrend trend of digital currencies, the moment it faces a market upsurge, many new opportunities will abound. Followme has always been keeping a vigilant eye on the cryptocurrency markets, with the intention to enter an active planning phase on approaching it.

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