How Tools for Brokers Built an Ecosystem of Cutting-Edge Solutions

TFB creates an ecosystem of products, offers limited custom development, and professional technical consultancy.

Tools for Brokers (TFB) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. For more than a decade, the company has managed to provide innovative solutions, fight through the challenges of the ever-changing trading world, and acquire loyal clients around the world.

The evolution of TFB services and product portfolio

Today, TFB offers its clients an ecosystem of solutions that centre around the Trade Processor connectivity software. However, this was not where the company started.

Initially, Tools for Brokers offered customised applications and plugins for Forex brokers operating on MetaTrader platforms.

After several years of successful application development, TFB created the first version of Trade Processor, later followed by the data monitoring and reporting tool Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI), and TFB PAMM money management solutions.

Eventually, it made sense for the business to focus on the core set of solutions, rather than continue to work on both the flagship products and develop customised solutions for individual clients.

So, the company has limited its focus on individual requests and paid most of the attention to the core products: liquidity bridge, data management, and money management.

Aleksei Kutsenko
Aleksei Kutsenko, CEO of Tools for Brokers

Creation of the ecosystem

Clients today are much more knowledgeable than they used to be. It is true in any industry, including the financial sector. In addition to knowing more about vendors, their own environments, and understanding their needs better, clients also appreciate comfort and usability more than ever.

What it means for companies is that ease of use, configuration, and integration play a crucial role and cannot be ignored.

Tools for Brokers was one of the vendors who have realised quickly that both brokers and traders need advanced and robust solutions that will take little time to install and even less time to figure out.

As a result, the company focused on perfecting the existing functionality, analysing and adding the missing features, and working on integrating all of the products. Today, TFB creates an ecosystem of products, offers limited custom development, and professional technical consultancy.

What constitutes a good ecosystem of solutions?

A successful ecosystem, as Tools for Brokers sees it, provides clients with an all-in-one system:

  • It covers all major needs and challenges of a broker, even the ones that might not be obvious to someone only starting their brokerage journey.
  • It offers flexibility in terms of configuration, scalability, and feature set. A good solution will not limit its user but rather support and encourage growth and development.
  • All of its solutions are inter-compatible and easy to use together.
  • There is an option of custom development for unique client needs.
  • Ecosystem provider is knowledgeable and can consult the client’s team if needed.

What does the TFB ecosystem consist of?

The key component of TFB’s ecosystem is the Trade Processor liquidity bridge. The bridge plays a major role as one of the key factors in brokers’ success, with other solutions supporting it and expanding its functionality:

TFB PAMM expands brokers’ services and helps attract beginner investors looking for guidance, as well as experienced traders who are interested in managing third-party capital for a commission.

Brokerage Business Intelligence (BBI) allows brokers to stay on top of what their traders are doing. The solution offers real-time monitoring, timely alerts, reports for internal and external use, and more.

Additional plugins help brokers target their niche needs and challenges while still enjoying a familiar interface.

The professional services offered by the TFB technical team guide and advise brokers on their configuration, setup, and potential upgrades to make sure all product functionality is utilised effectively and efficiently.


The next step for Tools for Brokers is to focus on perfecting the ecosystem: its individual products and integration with one another. TFB believes that the ‘less is more’ approach is the way forward.

Narrowing down the number of solutions will help create and maintain an immaculate portfolio of solutions that all brokerages will benefit from.

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