Harnessing AI for the Common Good – A Look at Tkeycoin DAO’s Ecosystem

Tkeycoin DAO has already begun to push for global scaling across a fast-growing cryptocurrency market

At this time last year, the cryptocurrency industry was just starting to come into its own. Fast forwarding to June 2018, the industry is still not fully defined, leaving room for innovation and technological solutions that have helped make this space accessible to millions of ordinary investors.

With so much latitude for improvements and innovation, the time is now for exciting new projects to rupture the status quo. This includes Tkeycoin DAO, which is targeted at all sectors across modern society by harnessing blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

Tkeycoin DAO has already begun to push for global scaling across a fast-growing cryptocurrency market. In doing so they are also disrupting the mass distribution of cryptos in the economic sphere, helping establish digital currencies into the mainstream. Based on the principles of both mutual assistance and cooperation, the project is harnessing the power of decentralization for the betterment of society.

Indeed, the rising specter of regulation has helped stifle innovation and global interconnectivity between socio-economic relations. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the banking space, which has given rise to technologies such as blockchain. Consequently, it is no longer a question of whether blockchain will permeate the mainstream banking space but how quickly it will redefine everyday reality for individuals and market participants.

Making sense of a flawed system

While there exists plenty of potential for innovation, many startups and companies have instead opted to chart an uneven course, relying on get-rich-quick schemes that lack long-term planning of strategies. 2017-18 has seen no shortage of failed initial coin offerings (ICOs), stigmatizing the overall space and potential for reputable technologies and projects.

This distrust from the general public following this wave of projects has necessitated a fundamentally new approach to developmental strategy. In contrast to this theme, Tkeycoin DAO has helped push for a global ecosystem, catering to a civil and unified society. Built on mutual assistance and solidarity, the project itself helps absorb the risks of traditional ICOs.

As such, Tkeycoin DAO is directly financed by commissioners for transactions and financial services for businesses, with a fully decentralized fund. Crucially, the platform is fully independent from third parties, with profit from the project distributed and reinvested into new development and maintenance of the Tkeycoin DAO platform.

What the Tkeycoin ecosystem can do for you

The Tkeycoin ecosystem operates as a global p2p network, developed in the full interests and service of ordinary people. This represents a new form of organization, differentiating itself from other projects and acting as an alternative to other cultural or economic orders. By maintaining this model, Tkeycoin DAO helps achieve a wider range of solutions, helping people manage their social and business lives via autonomous networks. 

This ecosystem also bestows several unique benefits for users. First and foremost, the economy can develop in both a closed and expanding framework. Supply and demand balancing is governed by powerful machining centers by which the end user can communicate with a supplier directly.

Most importantly, users have the opportunity to dispose of their share of profits at their discretion, directing to their own development, to help accumulate and invest in the overall development of the platform or in socially significantly projects. Moreover, this approach also does not affect anyone’s property right and can be implemented at the usual legislative level.

This remains a key task of Tkeycoin DAO, which is also reflective in its approach to monetary policy. In looking at its token crowdsale, the project consists of key reserve release factors and a limit on total supply. As such, Tkeycoin DAO has a fixed number of issued TCD tokens at the time of its ICO, or 105,000,000 TCDs.

A certain portion of these tokens were distributed to attract a fixed amount of capital to stimulate and drive Tkeycoin DAO development and its overall business strategy. 20% of TCDs from the first issue are carried out via its ICO, helping cover operating expenses and the expansion of the Tkeycoin DAO network.

Tkeycoin DAO has also taken extensive lengths to help maximize the value of TCDs through capital gains of all participants. Users can purchase any goods and services in the international Tkeycoin DAO marketplace with a discount of up to 30%, even for cryptos or fiat. Users can also buy a product or service by paying with a regular credit card or cryptocurrency.

Long-term planning 

Tkeycoin DAO is planning for the long-term, eying an encryption scheme that should remain stable, secure, and safe for many years. This will also see the integration with other security standards, which will in turn form the basis of scalability. One of the most exciting aspects of this development includes the harnessing of AI.

Tkeycoin DAO will rely on self-learning agents (Phoenix Tkeycoin), which can investigate the formation of new blocks in the blockchain, while also analyzing the source code. Given a current rate of increase in complexity, this can dramatically help reduce costs, while also eliminating the threat of 51% attack.

AI itself can help transform a flat network consensus structure into a hierarchical variant, while also preserving the principle of the formed model. This can confirm several correct blocks, shielding a system against 51% attack and other threats. 

A more detailed analysis of Tkeycoin DAO’s protocol can be accessed by the following link, which is outlined in the project’s whitepaper.

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