GIBX Mining Farm and IPFS Mining Pool Opening Up New Opportunities

Break through the reserve price and get involved in cloud computing power today!

From the fundraising of US$257 million in 2017 to the launch of the main net this year, Filecoin has kept miners and investors looking forward for three years. And now, in the countdown stage of the Filecoin main net launch, the market sentiment has been brewing to the highest point.

IPFS is currently very popular. Recently, the entire digital currency field and the traffic in the blockchain field have flowed to IPFS. After we launched the Filecoin cloud computing power of the pomegranate pool ( on ZAPP and ZBG, the first phase of sales for 1000TB of quota was sold out within just 56 minutes of launching. These are the chat contents of members found from group chats when clicked at a random time.

According to industry insiders, there are more than 500 Filecoin cloud computing companies, including but not limited to Golden Hash Power Cloud, Mars Cloud Mine, Whale Hash Power, and Hufu. On the market, the price of a Filecoin mining machine has been pushed to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The exchange is an excellent Filecoin cloud computing power sales platform due to its traffic advantage.

GIBXChange creates the world’s first DEX+FX decentralized exchange. It integrates the foreign exchange market, the best choice for global investment and financial management, with the digital asset industry with a listed value of US$1.89 trillion and builds it with DeFi decentralized smart contract underlying technology to achieve openness, fairness, and justice.

Every step can be queried on the chain to build a truly decentralized exchange so that every user can be assured and confident.

With the mission and belief in allowing digital banks to benefit the world, GIBXChange has set up unique clearing data centers in Australia, Singapore, the United States, New Zealand, and Japan, connecting the global backbone network to the best liquidity solutions in the financial market.

At present, GIBXChange has covered 20+ countries, has close cooperation with more than 50 mining pools/foundations/investment institutions, has high-quality buyer and seller resources, and provides bulk matching, custody, and transaction services.

In addition, its world’s first foreign exchange hedge fund under the DeFi model provides 200+K trading products, such as foreign exchange, futures, currency, and digital currency, allowing customers to invest in as many types of finance as possible through one account, making it a highly-integrated investment strategy.

After the Bitcoin halving was completed, the Filecoin main net line became the industry’s most concern. Distributed storage has a market demand, a professional team, and a strong willingness to invest in Filcoin in the digital currency field.

Many people regard FIL as the next investment target with value worth a hundred times. For retail investors and small miners, cloud computing power is a more appropriate way to invest in Filecoin.

However, although the threshold of cloud computing power is low, users can also be easily manipulated, so users should try to choose mainstream platforms and pay attention to whether the platform provides transparent service information.

You can also weigh your options and choose better cloud computing products.

The three advantages of GIBX mining farm and IPFS mining pool cloud computing power are, firstly, the lowest price online. Secondly, the service is valid for a long time, and the hash rate is valid for three years.

Thirdly, information is open and transparent: hardware, software, and filling time are transparent. Therefore, WhaleEx has done its best to benefit its users. As WhaleEx Chairman Zhao Yi said, “Our goal is to earn users and good word of mouth, not for short-term benefits.”

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