Four Cannabis Stocks Available to Trade with INFLYX

The cannabis industry has been on the rise, but 2019 is the year where everything could come together

When it comes to staying on top of the newest market trends and adapting to the most progressive offerings, INFLYX is your go-to choice.

The risk management and liquidity provider has recently added four new cannabis stocks to its vast array of trading instruments, riding the wave of a market that looks to boom in 2019.

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The cannabis industry has been on the rise for quite some time now, but it looks like 2019 is the year where everything will come together for a product with a lot of promise and potential.

Momentum has been brewing all through 2018 with major breakthroughs like the inclusion of industrial hemp in the new farm bill and Canada’s nationwide legalization.

In 2019, with the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives you can expect serious talks and proposals on the legalization of marijuana in a lot of U.S. territories. Legalization is not the only exciting development for cannabis as the industry is expanding to different means of consumption.

Most people associate cannabis with smoking but that seems to be taking a back seat with the market shifting to edible cannabis products. From coffees and meat, to cookies and puddings, CBD and THC are the ingredients infiltrating our foods in 2019.

To most, this sounds like a major breakthrough, but the edible cannabis market has been thriving for quite some time. Just have a look at the data showing that California-based consumers spent $180 million on THC-infused food and beverages in 2017 alone.

Whatever the new year may bring for cannabis, you can expect that the industry will continue to grow, improve and add new products and consumers.

Here are the stocks provided by INFLYX.

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