Forex Trading Competition:

All TradeRace competitors can win monthly and annual bonus prizes for live FX trading

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TradeRace has rolled out an exciting FX Trading Competition on one of the world’s most innovative and popular MT4 trading platforms.

All TradeRace competitors can win monthly and annual bonus prizes for live FX trading with the best broker tools and superfast execution.

For FX Traders onTradeRace, there is a massive opportunity to earn more money with Low Risk and High Reward.

Global Forex Trading has never been easier. Since the 1970s FX has become one of the most significant ways for people to earn money online with trillions of dollars traded by over 10 million individual FX Traders around the world.

TradeRace ethical trading

TradeRace brings transparent trading through competition by one of the world’s most recognized FX Brokers to guarantee all FX traders have the best trading experience.

TradeRace gives back broker commission

TradeRace is the first Online FX Trading Competition to offer monthly and annual prizes generated by broker commissions: 70% of the broker commissions goes into prize money.

What you need for Traderace

To enter the TradeRace competition all you need is 100 euros. You do not have to be an experienced FX trader as there are expert advisors on hand. The system algorithms are set to assist traders in making correct choices for trading strategies.

Equity grows through trading profits, and all traders can access their funds at any time.

The ultimate trading championship

The TradeRace Grand Prizes increase by volume traded by the participants. Odds like this means that with 100,000 contestants, the Grand Prize for winning the competition can reach more than 1.5 million Euros.

Traders compete to be the Most Profitable Trader or the Biggest Volume Trader of the Month/Year.

The leaderboard keeps everyone informed of their status: The Most Profitable Trader and the Biggest Volume Trader accounts are calculated separately per account.

All Traders are eligible to win both Prizes (Most Profitable Trader and Biggest Volume Trader) simultaneously.

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