Forex Trading and LegacyFX – A Review of Account Options

LegacyFX provides users with a wide range of account options, giving them access to multiple trading platforms

LegacyFX is a forex broker that comprises of different forex trading platforms, offering an excellent medium for the trades to trade currencies, commodities, indices, private stocks and metals in a secure environment.

As an online financial firm, LegacyFX provides clients with optimum security of private data and information, segregated client funds account and secure SSL login. Overall providing an ideal environment for traders to start trading.

Reviews on LegacyFX 


As an international financial firm, LegacyFX operates majorly with four types of account. These trading accounts consist of a silver account, a gold account, an ECN account and a Platinum account.


A silver account is known to be a beginner forex trader’s account. This account type takes a minimum deposit of five hundred dollars, consists of a leverage ratio of 1:50, includes a fixed and variable spread of 2.5pips, gives out substantial free education to forex traders, and provides free technical analysis reports, market analysis, and forex trading news.


A gold account is usually for forex traders who seek for better trading benefits. The Gold forex trading account takes a minimum deposit of about five thousand dollars, consist of leverage of up to 1:50, has a fixed and variable spread of 1.5pips, offers free education to forex traders, gives out free technical, market and fundamental analysis, and provides a one to one support.


As a trading account offered by LegacyFX, platinum account is majorly for professional investors. It accepts a minimum deposit of hundred thousand dollars, consist of a leverage ratio of 1:50, offers fixed and variable spread of 1.1pips, gives out free forex trading education to its clients, provides free technical, fundamental and market analysis report, gives out up to date forex trading news, gives out a one to one support to its clients.


This brokerage firm offers a demo trading platform for forex traders. A demo trading account gives forex traders the ability to ascertain the functionality and features of LegacyFX before involving fully into a live trading system. It also provides an adequate medium for trading skills evaluation and upgrades.

A demo account gives forex traders, the ability to create and test run their forex trading strategies, provides them with virtual funds and presents them with a live like trading scenario for trading commodities, currencies, and stocks indices

In conclusion, LegacyFX gives forex traders the advantage of trading forex with just 500 dollars as minimum deposit, provides them with a platform of trading forex with a wide range of languages, gives them access to two trading platforms when using their trading accounts, provides a quick and easy deposit and withdrawal option and provides a far-reaching customer care support through emails, phones, and live chart.

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