First Look: What to Expect from the WizExchange Beta Launch

WizExchange is complete with clear KYC process with multiple tiers, a two-factor authentication for login, and more

The maturation of dedicated peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions and services has created a competitive field in 2018. Despite this trend however, CrowdWiz has stood out and is gearing up for its largest move yet, the launch of WizExchange Beta.

CrowdWiz is versatile and innovative platform, with one unified goal – to liberate investing, whereby giving full control back in the hands of individual investors and cutting out third-party fund-management intermediaries. This has proven to be one of the main drivers of initial coin offerings (ICOs), though to date few projects have had much success in executing this.

CrowdWiz and WizExchange creating a new norm

Most forms of funding and traditional mechanisms such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been reserved for specific investors. However, by cutting off ordinary individuals via unique privileges and agreements, only a few have been able to take advantage of new offerings and projects.

This mentality aimed at being eliminated with founding of CrowdWiz as well as the development of its comprehensive agenda. Its founding team is comprised of veterans from across the fintech industry. In total the brain trust of the project possesses vast experience in this space, helping make its ICO possible. Presently, the CrowdWiz platform is also in the final stages of testing for its newest exchange.

What can WizExchange do for you?

WizExchange will give its users a lot of utility surrounding cryptos, including streamlining the overall investment process. More specifically, users will be able to garner a more sweeping perspective all under one portal. As such, it will be easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency in an easier fashion while also in a fast, safe secure way.

Prospective users can learn more about WizExchange and what sort of benefits it can bestow by watching the video below:

The platform will be providing liquidity and integration amongst twenty of the biggest crypto exchanges, as well as enhancing the security layers. Ecosystem’s native tokens will also be listed efficiently on the WizExchange for highly competitive fees. This is a key attribute of the exchange given high fees will not be pricing anyone out.

WizExchange also features a streamlined dashboard that is complete with a totality of tokens listed. Other features include a users’ interface that can enable deposits and withdrawal in both fiat and cryptos.

Furthermore, the platform is complete with clear KYC process with multiple tiers, a two-factor authentication for login, deposit and withdrawals – this is instrumental in bringing additional security layers and clearance to prevent frauds.

Finally, WizExchange also includes timely market and limit orders execution, advanced market maker and market taker liquidity engine, and insightful market analysis on offer. Stay tuned for more updates following the official launch of the Beta by accessing the following link.

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