Filling the Gap Between Brokers, LPs, and Clients

The evolution of the FX industry demands changes to the market with CMS Prime leading the way.

Recent years have proven that the forex market needs a new direction. After about two decades of companies which have been neglecting the structural issues of the industry, we have come to a point where the end-customer’s experience needs to change if the industry is to survive in the long run. One company that has taken the lead in this regard is CMS Prime.

Unfortunately, too many companies have been relying on clients losing their deposits in a relatively short period of time. The structure of the market has been encouraging a “churn and burn” behavior which has proven to be toxic for the industry as regulators started paying more attention to what clients experience.

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While end-clients have been consistently on the losing side, brokers, liquidity providers and bridge providers have been depending on an ever-increasing trading volumes. The bad user experience was exacerbated by the lack of clear rules in the sector, something that has been changing for the past decade.

The regulatory shift which started in the US and went through Japan and now Europe is only going to continue. With the rise of the issue for the retail over-the-counter (OTC) market, one thing became clear – in order for clients to be happy, they need to be making money. For its part, CMS Prime has consistently managed to retain its clients.

While brokers can’t teach everyone to make money on the market, the industry has done a pretty bad job at providing the adequate tools for traders to optimize their market experience. For too long the brokers have been focused on providing their customers with inadequate information, encouraging the taking of excessive risks and discouraging successful traders from continuing.

At CMS Prime, the group has emphasized trading education and awareness. This has been reflective in its comprehensive offering, analyst reports, and in-depth news portal for users.

At times, unfair and borderline fraudulent tactics used by a few bad brokers became popular, the whole industry takes a beating from regulators worldwide. The time has come for a change where transparency is taking center stage and the interests of clients, LPs, bridge providers and brokers are well aligned.

It is time for brokers to take the initiative and align the interests of the industry with the goals of the clients. Liquidity providers can do a better job at filling at the rates which are displayed on the screen, bridge providers can do more work to ensure that the value cycle of the trade is well monitored across the execution plane, and brokers can ultimately deliver on their promise to their end-clients.

At CMS Prime we have always strived to deliver to our clients the most transparent trading environment. Our non-stop efforts to ensure that we manage to stay on top of the latest technological trends and our constant endeavor to keep our system up to date are paying off. Our customers are experiencing the world’s latest technologies.

CMS Prime was amongst the first brokers to deliver to our clients a loss limit guaranteed and one of the first brokerages worldwide to choose MetaTrader as our main trading platform. Our efforts to deliver to our clients best execution even in the tightest market conditions puts us alongside the most reputable names in the industry.

With over 15 years of experience in the forex market, our risk management team is well versed and trained to manage harsh market conditions. Time and time again we have proven that we can overcome liquidity crises and protect our clients and the company’s capital.

We recently undertook a global expansion effort, onboarding clients from all over the globe. After starting with only 10 pairs 15 years ago, we are now offering to our customers over 200 products. With our in-house built high-tech dedicated services our clients are certain to have a solid user experience.

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