FBS Continues its ‘Dreams Come True’ Campaign

FBS has continued to change people's lives for the better with its “Dreams come true” promotion every month.

Fulfilling somebody’s dreams – what can be better? Only fulfilling those that make not only that person happier, but the others as well.

FBS Broker fancies this ideology a lot and launches “Dreams come true” promotion every month. The principle is simple – people share their wishes, and FBS brings the most inspiring ones among them to life.

In January, it was Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan from Indonesia who asked for a little miracle – and it happened!

Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan lives with his beloved wife in South Kalimantan. After getting married, he was carrying wood on a riverboat together with his father-in-law. Sometime later, earning money by such a way was no longer possible – a serious leg injury was an obstacle for intense physical activity.

FBS has come to his life at the right time. This is how Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan describes the circumstances of making FBS’s acquaintance:

“In the midst of my confusion to earn money for my family, there was a friend from Jakarta who suggested me to open an account in FBS Broker and he taught me how to trade. After I fully understood, I decided to open a real account. Thank god, I can earn money from trading. I am so grateful”.

Recently, FBS’s involvement in Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan’s life has become even more significant. After having a stroke in 2018, his father has been unable to move.

Even after getting limited in the walking ability himself, Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan was wishing to give his dad a wheelchair. Accidentally, he saw the Facebook post about Dreams Come True promo and shared his dream with us.

This generous appeal was heard. FBS Indonesia’s team came to his house and brought a modern wheelchair for his dad. The reaction was truly priceless:

“Thank you very much FBS for making my dream come true. Our family is very grateful because, with this wheelchair, my father can do his activities again outside”.

Looking at the whole family smiling, at the farther of our character feeling so comfortable and relaxed, and especially at the excited winner of the promotion himself, it becomes clear – for such people as Mr. Muhammad Andriyawan, peace of mind and happiness depend on those of the closest ones.

This is just one example of lovely wishes people share while participating in Dreams Come True promo. Usually, it is quite hard to pick one wish out of the huge variety, but gradually all of them will be fulfilled.

For FBS, such stories are the source of endless motivation to go further and help people to make the world better.

FBS is an international broker with over 190 countries of presence and more than 14 000 000 clients. It is famous for regular, diverse and advantageous contests and promotions that are highly appreciated by the global trading community.

Besides, the broker offers a number of special services to make trading easier and more beneficial, such as swap-free and VPS services, cashback up to $15 per lot, and more. An official trading partner of FC Barcelona from January 2020.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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