Ensure Your Payments Are Safe and Secure with Shefapay

The company fosters a chargeback free environment, helping reduce transaction fees to their customers.

No industry has become more important in 2020 than the payments space. The need for support, settlements, and secure transactions have never been greater.

With the help of Shefapay, merchants can seamlessly enter new markets, accept local payment methods, optimize conversion rates, minimize fraud, and reduce transaction fees.

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In particular, Shefapay specializes in high risk e-commerce, by providing a variety of local alternative payment methods (APMs) worldwide.

The company also fosters a chargeback free environment, helping reduce transaction fees to their customers.

Shefapay’s team is comprised of highly experienced specialists from the forex, finance, and online gambling segments. Together, its qualified team of personnel understand the needs of high-risk merchants and have created tailor-made solutions for them.

Is Your Business Safe against Fraud?

The world in 2020 can be a dangerous place. In order to combat fraudulent threats, Shefapay deploys the most secure fraud detection and screening functions available.

These can help minimize any potential losses of revenue as well as high operational costs via fraud.

The system is well known and reputable among acquiring banks thus allowing Shefapay to offer its customers very sharp prices as the system also reduces risk from the banks’ perspective.

ShefaPay’s advanced fraud detection engine identifies, manages, and prevents suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent activity. This helps improve approval rates as there are no false declines of transactions.

Shefapay ensures the most accurate fraud decisions for an expanding global data network of over 750 million unique e-commerce customers.

The company’s platform is designed to protect businesses against fraud, not only at payment, but also against account-based fraud, returns abuse, and more.

Shefapay’s automated platform provides instantaneously approved or declined decisions. This is instrumental in helping reduce crippling fraud while also putting you back in control of your operations.

Users can also take advantage of configurable alerts, triggered by transactional and account activities.

Stay in the loop with Shefapay’s Alert notifications that are delivered by default with its webhook system.

Another important element of Shefapay is its Chargeback Guarantee. Each transaction accepted by Shefapay is backed by a chargeback guarantee without caps.

If a chargeback comes Shefapay guarantees it will either deny it or pay the chargeback themselves. This helps remove any financial liability from merchants.

Demand More from Your Payment Provider

Customers demand a seamless experience wherever they shop. Shefapay Payments Engine now makes it easier than ever for businesses to manage omnichannel payments with hosted payment pages customized to their needs.

In addition, the company boasts multiple connections to acquiring banks around the world with intelligent routing transactions that can be routed in the most beneficial way.

With so many options to choose from, if its credit or debit cards, APMs, or its open banking network, Shefapay makes the choice simple given the utility afforded by its all-in-one platform.

The platform is easy to integrate and offers absolute freedom in choosing the right acquiring banks and PSPs. Clients can enter any new market with ease, encompassing a network of over 140 local payment methods worldwide.

The days of worrying about amplified fees are over as Shefapay ensures the highest conversion rates accompanied by the lowest fees, generated through intelligent routing.

Users can easily navigate a modern interface, complete with unlimited and customizable hosted payment pages with iFrame integrations.

Finally, through Shefapay’s direct Open Banking solution, customers can increase retention and digital sales by allowing their end users to initiate simple and direct payments by one click, from their bank account to merchants account in real-time.

The payments made through the open banking network are seen immediately in the merchants bank account, and cannot be recalled given the intelligent structure on which the open banking concept is built upon.

With 24/5 customer service and full flexibility, Shefapay completely fulfills your global payment needs.

Learn more about what ShefaPay can do for your business today.


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