How Will Call Centers Survive Regulation Upheaval in FX?

As regulatory requirements become stricter, new solutions are on offer.

The relatively liberal broker sphere has been adjusted into harsh, sometimes excessively strict frames recently. Up to the present day the activity of the investment companies of the USA and the Old World countries have been legally restricted. It created a keen interest to offshore among the organizations which offer access to FOREX and adjoining services.

Working with an offshore broker has always been marked with greater flexibility and high levels of profits

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Working with an offshore broker has always been marked with greater flexibility (higher leverage, bonus programmes, minimal red tape and paperwork) and high levels of profits for the business owners. However, offshore Forex has been losing when it came to reputation and frightened away respectable investors, no matter how high their quality was.

Cyprus has been playing the leading role among the “registration countries”

Cyprus, being once an offshore country, has always been one of the most popular directions. On the one hand, Cyprus could boast relatively peculiar jurisdiction, remaining, on the other hand, a European country.

The CySEC license has been obtained by hundreds of various brokers from all over the world. However, at a certain point the European “liberty island” has ceased to be one and has launched an attack on the organizations registered on their territory, dictating stricter demands to them.


At first the changes could only be applied to brokers, but today they are affecting brokers’ support departments, such as call-centres. Therefore, due to the mutual contract between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel, this Middle East country will close all the existing call-centres that support brokers under CySEC regulator.

Apart from that, now Cyprus already forbids accrual of stimulating bonuses, high leverage, PAMM accounts and other instruments that have been traditionally helping brokers to sell their services. The biggest brand owners might not regard these restrictions as vital. But not the call-centres owners!

Call-centres deserve special attention

The thing is that not all of the call-centres are structural departments of particular brokers. There is a plenty of call-centres that hold contracts with different brokers just as partners in attracting new clients. Such “external” call-centres supply brokers with new clients in exchange for commission.

Generally, acquiring clients with the help of call-centres is very effective and brings significant income to its owners. But not under the restrictions that are planned to be applied in Cyprus! Naturally, many brokers that face such complications start to refuse the Cyprus license, while partner call-centres have started to look for more “adapting brokers”.

Thus, the specialists from Larson&Holz IT Ltd have developed a partnership programme for the call-centres that are already running.

Larson&Holz is a broker that has been on the market for over 13 years. Not only does the broker offer Forex, but it also provides such services as binary options from the united trading terminal. It has a full “selling package” that includes a bonus programme, high leverage, wide choice of instruments and its own unique solutions for attracting clients.

The company gives a helping hand to every call-centre that is in a search of a partner

The company has a network of its own training centres and call-centres in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latin America and Asia. Yet the leading development sphere is working with local call-centres on the partnership programme.

The Larson&Holz IT Ltd group of companies is in possess of several legal entities, including licenses from several regulatory bodies such as Vanuatu or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which allow external call-centres to work as partners in a habitual, convenient way. Therefore, the company gives a helping hand to every call-centre that is in a search of a partner with friendly environment and is aimed at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that Larson&Holz does not only offer a job under a license of a “convenient” regulatory body, but also a full partner support. The company has a whole system of technical opportunities and personal developments for call-centres that specialise at attracting clients by phone.

What does Larson&Holz IT Ltd offer? A full service package for call-centres, which includes:

  • The highest partnership reward in the sphere;
  • An opportunity to acquire clients from any region – Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Russia;
  • Full marketing package for obtaining clients: Bonus programmes for clients (up to 100%), high leverage (up to 1:500), any trading instrument, any deposit and withdrawal method;
  • A perfect CRM system that allows to provide a round the clock monitoring of the attracted clients. Automatic system of financial statements;
  • A modern site translated into 12 languages and a round the clock multilingual support system for partners and clients.

This programme has been approved and employed in several external call-centres from a number of countries, which allows to be sure of its high quality.

This programme has been approved and employed in several external call-centres from a number of countries

The Larson&Holz IT Ltd company has proved to be a reliable partner and a provider of high quality services on starting and running call-centres; it is now one of the most lucrative companions for a business belonging to this sphere. Flexible cooperation policies allow the company to appeal to companies with different requirements and offer services of equally high quality to both big call-centres and the beginners.

All you need to do to start working with Larson&Holz under the partnership programme is to leave a request on the company’s official site. Our specialist will contact you and will explain all the details.

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