Crypto Exchange BTCC to Launch New Product on its 9th Anniversary

The longest-running cryptocurrency exchange will celebrate its 9th Anniversary and launch new derivatives products.

BTCC will be celebrating a 9th anniversary soon, the oldest cryptocurrency exchange was born in 2011 at the time when the price of Bitcoin was around $1.00.

BTCC was created with a vision of believing everyone should have the equal opportunity to trade and buy cryptocurrencies in a transparent and fair environment.

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To fulfil the exchange’s vision, BTCC is said to be the only exchange that cover user’s negative balance when liquidation occur, and BTCC has a stable operating history where the platform never experienced any hack.

Its strong reputation allows BTCC to grown tremendously over 9 years with over 6 million users, and has become one of the leading exchange platforms in the world.

BTCC Chief Research Officer, Dan
BTCC Chief Research Officer, Dan

BTCC Chief Research Officer, Dan said:

“9 years is a very long time in cryptocurrency industry. We are lucky to have witnessed many major changes in the industry, including three Bitcoin Halving. We also saw some dramatic change in the cryptocurrency market, and our long history in the space has prepare us well for market uncertainty.”

Focusing on Perpetual Contract Since 2019

In 2019, BTCC launches the world first physical delivery perpetual contract, and the exchange’s total trading volume reached over 140,000,000,000 USDT in the same year.

The platform’s innovative product gain mass popularity as the exchange saw more than 900,000 registered users joining BTCC last year.

Dan said: “With years of accumulated experience and expertise, we are able to continuously provide unparalleled trading experience for our users. Because we always listen and valued every feedback from our community.”

Simple and Fast

The simplistic and user-friendly interface is ideal for beginner to start their trading journey. Fast transactions speeds, smooth user experience, top-end liquidity makes it a killer App for both newbies and experienced traders to trade perpetual contracts.

When the market is extremely volatile like the downturn during March 12 and March 13, BTCC still keep its liquidity and breakthrough a new record of $150.44 100 million daily transaction volume.

Celebration for BTCC 9th Anniversary!

2020 is year with a lot of challenge, the exchange will hold a series of Campaign to give back community for their support over the years. The series of campaigns including waived trading fees, video contest, 9-year anniversary silver coin and T-shirts giveaway, and launch of new products.

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