Cirus Co-Founder Daniel Bland on What’s Next for the Ownership Economy

Cirus Co-founder Daniel Bland shared his thoughts on the current developments and long-term goals of the project.

Cirus Foundation has caught attention recently as a strong contender in the blockchain space. According to the team, its mission is to empower its users by introducing an ownership economy.

This approach is based on a multi-layered ecosystem that leverages the latest advancements in hardware, software, and a tokenized economy, enabling individuals to own, manage and monetize their most valuable digital asset: data.

In a recent interview, Cirus Co-founder Daniel Bland shared his thoughts on the current developments and long-term goals of the project.

Cirus Foundation has recently announced a stellar line-up of top backers. What is ahead for the company?

With top backers come top veterans in the field of technology. We are excited to announce this as we deliver on our promise to make an ownership economy accessible for Web 3.0 users. We’re going to benefit from having experienced people on our team who have helped to build many of the greatest technologies we use today.

How will they assist you?

Working with these backers consists of a two-fold approach to market awareness and adoption. We deliver transparency into how we are developing and lean on our backers to distribute awareness into their existing community bases, along with strategic roll-outs of our product.

With certain backers, we have initiatives spanning over the following years to unveil our product regionally.

When is the official launch?

Stay tuned! Everything we do is purpose-built. Our launch is specific to a strategy we have been working closely on, especially in terms of providing ecosystem development to a core blockchain.

Why did the team go to Miami earlier this month?

We debuted an opening event with partners and  the team because it is important to us that we are visible with our intentions and connect with people. Yes, Zoom has done us well, but nothing beats that personal touch when you’re building a massive company.

How can blockchain improve security?

Blockchain, at its core, is a database spread over the world with redundancies over thousands of computers. This enables a “tamper-proof” mechanism to secure information. What better way to secure one’s proprietary data than having it encrypted and lock-guarded in decentralized storage spaces across the globe? Now that’s ownership at its finest.

How can individuals become involved with your platform?

We will be launching our first product within a matter of weeks. People think we are hardware-only, but you’ll be surprised to see what we have in store.

What are your long-term goals for the project?

Data is our most valuable digital asset, but also one that enables financial inclusion. Its monetization is a form of inroad to financial products that were out of reach for many.

We intend to change that. Ownership of data is a way to bring value back to the creator and a form of digital proxy of one’s self.

This unlocks novel economic rewards in ways that we have not witnessed to date. Cirus aims to be a pioneer in that mission.

Cirus is one of the few blockchain projects to channel the technology’s potential to build an ownership economy from the ground up.

It’s combination of a hardware and software approach is set to make it the default on-ramp for users into an internet infrastructure that does away with data hoarding intermediaries.

For entrepreneurs such as Daniel Bland this could become a system that brings new financial opportunities to users thanks to its Web 3.0 tools.

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