BDSwiss’ Launches New Trading Academy

BDSwiss’ is maintaining its client-centric approach with a brand new Trading Academy launch

Introducing a hands-on, practical approach to trading education, including a comprehensive collection of educational material such as webinars, tutorials, and a beginner to advanced video course series along with practical quizzes.

Delivering on its pledge to maintain a strictly client centric approach, BDSwiss has just announced the launch of its new forex educational portal, the BDSwiss Trading Academy. The well-established financial services firm aims to deliver a useful set of tools for novice and advanced traders alike, offering its clients a 360‎° educational solution.

A wealth of video courses, tutorials and live webinars educate learners while the interactive trading quizzes enable them to put theory into practice.

BDSwiss Trading Academy hosts an impressive collection of educational video courses series, covering unique trading concepts and organised in three separate levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each video is hosted by BDSwiss professional analyst & seasoned trader, Alexander Douedari who provides real MT4 setups to elaborate on major trading topics such as leveraged trading, key indicators, risk and money management, popular trading strategies and much more.

Each course follows a hands-on approach with the host illustrating various strategies and techniques, directly on the BDSwiss MT4, Webtrader and mobile app. Each level concludes with a practical quiz, giving the learner the opportunity to perform a thorough self-assessment.

Apart from the pre-recorded video course series, BDSwiss Trading Academy offers more than ten live webinars on a daily basis, in English and German language. The daily webinar list includes BDSwiss’ ‘Start Smart’ webinars that cater for beginners, market morning briefs and live trading sessions during key financial events.

Additionally, an A-Z Forex Basics e-course gives traders a solid foundation on trading forex and CFDs, while an impressive collection of 200+ live trading videos & recorded webinars are also made available to BDSwiss clients. In this way, BDSwiss Trading Academy provides easy access to a vast number of past events enabling traders to constantly monitor the markets, backtest their strategies and refer to previous major market events to inform their future trades.

Overall, the BDSwiss Trading Academy includes a complete set of comprehensive educational material and was well received by both new and experienced traders. To further expand its add-on services for VIP clients and cater to their particular needs, BDSwiss is also offering its VIP clientele complimentary 1on1 trading e-sessions, on a subject of their choice.

This gives BDSwiss’ exclusive client base the opportunity to have a 1hr private trading session with one of BDSwiss’ qualified and experienced analyst.

BDSwiss’ Marketing Director comments that the Trading Academy was not created to be a “once-off visited portal”, but rather a dynamic, evolving and interactive space where traders will always be able to find new ways to stay up to date with the markets: “BDSwiss new Trading Academy required a great deal of research, resources and man-hours. Everything was developed in house to accommodate our traders’ needs.

Our goal is to offer traders a dynamic portal that they can visit time and time again to find new webinars, market news and insightful resources on a daily basis. It is a portal that offers lifelong investment education; as markets evolve and our traders become more sophisticated we will be able to continue to cater to their needs arming them with the knowledge they need.

At BDSwiss we believe in supporting our clients throughout their trading journey and ensuring that they have access to all the required resources and information prior to making any investment decisions”

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