Annual Report: The Year of FTO

How has it all started? When did we make such a big leap? What does the future hold for FTO?

2018 has just passed by, and now it is time to sum up this passing year. Last 12 months were busy, entertaining and exciting. Check out what happened among our FuturoCoin community last year.

Just a couple of months – that is an amount of time it took to make FuturoCoin significant part of the cryptocurrency market. How has it all started? When did we make such a big leap? Which month was the best for us? What does the future hold for FTO? Let’s find out.

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(Not so) humble beginnings

The whole story took off at the beginning of the last year. It all started in late January 2018 when we launched our cryptocurrency and entered the crypto world. On 31st of January, we made it public via press release. Since then, FuturoCoin has started to grow and is only getting bigger and bigger.

Not even a month later (February 2018), we were enlisted on the very first cryptocurrency exchange. Also in February, the 1st mining pool started to mine FTO.

March 2018 was the month when we started to get a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency industry. Other exchanges decided to add us to their platforms. We also changed the design of our website to make it more transparent and accessible for users.

Thanks to that, our customers can find every information needed in a fast and efficient way. The world of the blockchain technology approved that move, and only a few weeks later we debuted on another huge exchange – CoinDeal. After that, obtaining FTOs became even easier.

Record trading volume and the highest price 

The first four months of 2018 were very busy for us. We created solid foundations, so we were confident that the price of our coin has to rise. And that’s precisely what happened. On May 15th, 2018 – FuturoCoin reached a market capitalization of almost $850,000,000, which was a huge milestone for us.

FTO was worth 0.004080 BTC at that time. It happened a few days after the trading volume of our cryptocurrency climbed to the highest point (over 3250 BTC).

May 2018 was a breakthrough month for us. After that success,, the most popular cryptocurrency ranking website, decided to introduce us on its platform.

The months passed by, and nothing was able to disturb our growth. Next cryptocurrency exchanges enlisted us, the price of FTO stabilized in uncertain times and our other ventures, related to FuturoCoin, were presented to the community.

Verification of the true value

The Autumn of 2018 was tough for the whole cryptocurrency industry. The market decline accelerated, almost every currency recorded the lowest yearly prices. The crypto world verified the real value of every coin.

As it turned out, FuturoCoin didn’t lose that much and in comparison, to other popular cryptocurrencies, it even gained on the price. It was another confirmation of the FTO’s stability.

To show that the crisis of the cryptocurrency market didn’t affect us, we decided to organize the competition where everybody could win free FTOs. The contest is over but that’s not the last time when we willingly give away our assets for our loyal community.

Cryptocurrency and…many, many more

Our business model is not only based on FuturoCoin. With the development of our currency, we also have engaged in many other ventures.

In May 2018, we opened our first FutureNet Cafe in Poland (in Wrocław to be exact). We wanted to create a place where online world meets offline world. After a few months of running, we can confirm that the cafe was a great idea. It was so successful that we’ve opened a second restaurant recently – FutureNet Aurelio Restaurant in Warsaw.

We always have the common good of the community in our minds, so we’ve decided to bring useful tools for our users. One of them are FuturoCoin ATMs. These devices are available for the customers of our restaurants. We’ve also created a mobile game based on the blockchain technology called the Coin of(f) Mine.

We are involved in sports sponsorship of several teams and athletes. We were a sponsor of Block Show Europe 2018, one of the most important events in the crypto world.

FTO, Futurocoin

It was a truly busy year for us. As you can see, there was plenty to do in 2018. We have achieved a lot, but we still have many things to do. We welcome the new year with optimism and we treat it as another challenge. We hope you will join us on our journey through the cryptocurrency industry. Happy New Year!

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